Maradona hand of god: Diego Maradona children and what to know about 'El Pibe de Oro', Argentina football icon wey die at di age of 60

Diego Maradona na captain when Argentina win di World Cup for 1986

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Football fans around di world dey mourn afta di death of ogbonge football star Diego Maradona wey die at di age of 60.

Football stars, fans and pipo around di world don dey pay dia tributes even as for statement ontop social media, di Argentine Football Association express "dia deepest sorrow for di death of our legend", dem add say: "You will always be in our hearts."

Tributes don come in from ogbonge former football players like Ivory Coast Didier Drogba, Nigerian Kanu Nwankwo, Cameroon Eto'o Fils, Liberia President George Weah and odas.

Who be Maradona?

Dem born Diego Armando Maradona to Roman Catholic family for 30 October 1960, 60 years ago for Buenos Aires shanty town. Im parents na Diego Maradona Senior and Dalma Salvadora Franco.

He marry im long-time fiancée Claudia Villafañe on 7 November 1984 for Buenos Aires, and dem get two daughters, Dalma Nerea wey dem born 2 April 1987 and Gianinna Dinorah wey dem born 16 May 1989 and he become grandfather for 2009. Maradona and Villafañe divorce for 2004.

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He escape di poverty of im youth to become football superstar and some even dey reason say e great pass Brazil Pele.

Madonna get short stature and e dey stocky. Im height na 5ft 5in, e no be your typical athlete.

Diego Maradona career

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Dieggo Maradona na Argentine professional footballer and football manager. Many pipo see am as one of di greatest football players of all time, and by many di greatest ever.

Di Argentine, wey score 259 goals inside 491 matches, pass im South American rival for one poll to determine di greatest player of di 20th Century, before Fifa change di voting rules to honour both players.

Maradona show great ability since e dey young age wen e lead Los Cebollitas youth team to a 136-game unbeaten streak and from dia go on to make im first international appearance wen e be just 16 years and 120 days.

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But im silky skills, agility, vision, ball control, dribbling and passing more dan compensate for im lack of pace and occasional weight problems.

Im presence and leadership on top field get great effect on im team general performance, as opposition go dey monitor im movement. To add to im creative abilities, e also get eye for goal and im be free-kick specialist. E get correct talent. Dem give Maradona nickname "El Pibe de Oro" wey mean (Di Golden Boy), name wey follow am throughout im career.

Maradona na di first player for football history to set world record transfer fee twice. First dem transfer am go Barcelona for den record fee of £5 million and second wen dem transfer am go Napoli for anoda record fee of £6.9 million.

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E play for Argentinos Junior, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, Napoli, Sevilla and Newell Old Boys during im club career.

E lead im kontri to victory for di 1986 World Cup for Mexico and a place in di final four years later.

Maradona play di best club football of im career for Italy, e get plenty supporters as e inspire di side to dia first league titles for 1987 and 1990 and di Uefa Cup in 1989.

Drug abuse, health issues and death

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All no jolly for Maradona as dem link am to di Camorra crime syndicate, im begin take cocaine even become addict and e get paternity case.

From the mid-1980s until 2004, Maradona dey addicted to cocaine.

Afta losing 1-0 to Germany for di final of Italia 90, im testing positive for drugs di following year make am chop 15-month ban.

E return to play for di 1994 World Cup for USA. Im mind no too dey di game afta dem discover say im don take substance ephedrine.

Life after retirement

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Afta im third positive test three years later, e retire from football on im 37th birthday, but problems still continue for am.

Dem suspend im jail sentence of two years and 10 months wey e suppose go sake of say im shoot at journalists with air rifle.

Im cocaine habit and alcoholism lead to several health issues. E put on weight, wey reach 128kg (20 stone) at one point, and suffer a major heart attack for 2004, wey put am for intensive care.

E get gastric-bypass surgery to help manage im obesity, and go Cuba wen im dey battle to overcome im drug addiction.

Despite all dis, dem make Maradona manager of di Argentina national team for 2008 and e take di side to di World Cup quarter-finals two years later before im reign end with 4-0 defeat by Germany for di quarter-finals.