Tunde Ednut: Who be di Nigerian entertainer and wetin fit make Instagram ban am twice?

Tunde Ednut

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram

Nigeria musician and entertainer, Tunde Ednut don tweet say im go rise again afta Instagram delete im new account [@kingtundeednut] for di second time.

Tunde Ednut take to twitter to voice out im mind and begin dish out series of tweet afta im Instagram account disappear again.

"Don't gloat over me, oh yea enemies! For though I fall, I go rise again. Though I sit in darkness, di LORD go be my light. Micah 7:8."

"At dis moment, I feel exactly di way I felt wen I get my first heartbreak with my first love. If I fit overcome dat, I fit overcome dis. All is well. I speak it into existence."

"I really no know, honestly I don dey tire. Any advice on wetin dey wrong or how I fit resolve dis IG issue? Tunde tweet

Di Nigerian entertainer bin come back to Instagram few days ago, January 10th 2021 and don gada ova one million [1m] within dat short time before di disappearance of im account.

Dis dey happun afta Instagram don first delete im before account wey get about 2.6 million followers on December 22, 2020.

Who be Tunde Ednut

Wia dis foto come from, InSTAGRAM/@@kingtundeednut

Tunde Ednut na Nigeria musician wey later come be popular social media influencer and Entertainer. E start im entertainment career as comedian before e later dive enta music.

Di entertainer come from Kogi state Nigeria but dem born am for Kastina state, North East of di kontri before e relocate with im family come Lagos.

E graduate from University of Lagos (UNILAG) with B,Sc. degree in Graphic Arts.

Many Nigerians dey refer to am as Instagram blogger but for im before Instagram handle, e call imsef 'Entertainer of life' and say make pipo no call am blogger.

One of Tunde Ednut most successful song na 'Catching Cold' remix wey im do with Dr Sid.

Wetin fit make Instagram delete Tunde Ednut account twice

Different report dey fly upandan say di removing of Tunde Ednut account from Instagram get to do with posts wey go against Instagram community guidelines.

Although Instagram neva bring out any statement to explain why dem comot Tunde Ednut account but dem get guidelines wey all users must obey if not dem go delete di account.

For July 18 2019, di social media App bring out one new policy wey dem call Account Disable Policy Changes on Instagram and say di changes go help dem quickly detect and remove accounts wey 'repeatedly' disobey dia policies.

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram

See di areas wey Instagram community guidelines cover and if user no follow am, dem fit lose dia account;

  • Intellectual Property - User must make sure say dem get di rights to post di content dem dey share.
  • Appropriate Imagery - Dem no dey allow nudity on Instagram, with some exceptions, like photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women wey dey breastfeed. Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures dey OK, too.
  • Spam - Ds no dey allowed on Instagram (creating or submitting unwanted email, comments, likes or oda forms of commercial or harassing communications).
  • Illegal Content - We no dey allow support or praise of terrorism, organized crime or hate groups on Instagram. Offering sexual services and selling firearms and drugs also no dey allowed.
  • Hate Speech, Bullying and Abuse - We remove credible threats of violence, hate speech and di targeting of private individuals. We no allow attacks or abuse based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or disease.
  • Self Injury - We no allow praising or encouraging self-injury, including eating disorders. We allow content wey make refer to self-injury and eating disorders if na for di purpose of creating awareness or signposting support.
  • Graphic Violence - Graphic violence no dey allowed and we fit remove videos or images of intense, graphic violence to make sure say Instagram stay appropriate for everyone. If dem share in relation to important and newsworthy events, and dis imagery dem share am to condemn or raise awareness and educate, we fit allow am.