Trump impeachment: US impeached presidents Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon - Wetin happun to dem?

Trump impeachment: US impeached presidents Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Andre Johnson, Richard Nixon

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Bill Clinton in 1998

President Donald Trump don become di first president for history wey US House of Representatives go impeach two times - and e don join di list of three pipo wey don impeach.

Dis na wetin happun to di odas.

Andrew Johnson

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Andrew Johnson na di first US president to face impeachment

Wetin him do?

During di Civil War, President Andrew Johnson - wey be Democrat - clash well-well wit Republicans wey be majority for Congress ontop how to rebuild di defeated US South.

Di "Radical Republicans" during dat period push for legislation to punish former Confederate leaders and protect di rights of freed slaves. Johnson use im presidential veto to block di Republican efforts.

For March, Congress bin pass di Tenure of Office Act, to clip di president ability to sack members from his cabinet without approval from di Senate. Johnson still go ahead to suspend one of im cabinet member and political rival, Edwin Stanton, while Congress bin dey on break.

Di way Oga Stanton react to im sacking na to lock himself for inside im office and wia im say im no leave.

Stanton removal make di House Republicans to rush to draft 11 articles of impeachment.

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One wood engraving show di Senate trial of Andrew Johnson

Afta dem vote along party lines dem present di articles to Senate, wia dem free am, but na some thing im use escape dat mata . Dem fall short by one vote of di two-thirds majority wey dem bin need to convict am.

Wetin be di consequences?

According to some accounts, Johnson cry wen im hear di news say dem free am , e promise to devote himself to restoring him own reputation.

E no work oh.

Him served out di rest of im presidential term, but his final months for office di same power struggle wahala wey im face before im impeachment still worry am again.

And for 1869, Democrats lose di White House to Republican candidate General Ulysses S Grant, wey allow im party plan for Radical Reconstruction to continue.

Wetin be im legacy?

Being impeached.

And buying Alaska for 1867 for $7.2m.

Johnson na one of di poorest presidents. Him no go school.

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Republican campaign poster in 1864

Richard Nixon

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What him do?

Richard Nixon impeachment wahala start from di 1972 break-in of di Democratic party headquarters for Watergate office complex for Washington DC.

As investigations reveal as burglars pay wit funds from Nixon re-election campaign, di Watergate scandal spread far beyond di break-in, even sef e implicate top White House officials.

For nearly two years, Nixon try to cover up im role for di conspiracy, wey eventually lead to im downfall.

Di Republican president efforts no work. For August 1974, as di House Judiciary Committee prepare impeachment articles, Tori be say Nixon gatz release di Oval Office recordings by force wia dem hear di president dey order im staff to tell di CIA make FBI stop dia investigation into di Watergate break-in.

Dat "smoking gun" tape na im scatter tins for Nixon wey bin dey try cover up di mata.

For 27 July, di House Judiciary Committee vote to pass three articles of impeachment - obstruction of justice, misuse of power and contempt of Congress - and send them go di house for full vote.

But, di vote never happun.

On 8 August, 1974, Nixon resign. Him be di only US president for history to do dis kain tin

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Nixon tell im staff bye-bye afta im announce him resignation

"I no be quitter," na wetin im tok for im resignation speech. "To leave office before I complete my term do me somehow for body . But as president, I must put di interest of America first."

What be di consequences?

Dem swear in Vice-President Gerald Ford as president six weeks later, and pardon Nixon for any crimes wey im commit while him dey office.

Up for election less than two years later, Ford lose di White House to Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Wetin be im legacy?

No contest. na di Watergate scandal. although im no ever gree say im commit any crime , but him actions na cautionary tale of abuse of presidential power.

Nixon die for April 1994, 20 years afta im resign in disgrace.

Wen di then president Bill Clinton bin dey tok for im burial e focus on Nixon work for foreign affairs.

"Let us say: may di day of judging President Nixon on anything less than im entire life and career don end," na so Oga Clinton tok.

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President Clinton address di nation afta US House of Representatives impeached am

Wetin him do?

Just few years afta President Bill Clinton preached forgiveness for Nixon wahala dem, di Arkansas Democrat begin face im own political crisis.

Within one year of taking office, Oga Clinton find himself under investigation by one Justice Department special prosecutor.

Under special counsel Kenneth Starr, di koko of di probe na into real estate dealings wey dem come expanded for January 1998 to include di president affair wit former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

As part of one separate lawsuit against di president - di sexual harassment of Paula Jones - Dem ask Oga Clinton about him relationship to Madam Lewinsky. Under oath on 17 January, Oga Clinton deny di relationship wit di former White House aide.

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Monica Lewinsky agree to participate for di special counsel investigation into Bill Clinton

Days later, Oga Clinton famously deny di accuse.

"I want you to listen to me," President Clinton tell tori pipo for White House appearance. "I did not have sex wit dat woman, Monica Lewinsky. I never tell any single person to lie, not a single time, never."

On 9 September 1998, Oga Starr release im report to Congress. Di public, too, soon got to see di 445-page Starr report wey include testimony from Madam Lewinsky, who strike one immunity deal wit di independent counsel in exchange for her co-operation.

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Di report also include 11 possible grounds for impeachment. For December 1998, di House of Representatives vote along party lines to impeach Oga Clinton on two counts: perjury and obstruction of Congress.

For February, di Republican-controlled Senate free Oga Clinton.

Wetin be di consequences?

For dat year wey Lewinsky-Clinton scandal consumed di country, di president resist di pressure for am to resign.

Na during dat period, for di end of January 1998, wey Oga Clinton get im highest-ever opinion poll ratings. For poll wey CNN, Gallup found out say 67% of Americans approve of di president.

In di end, di only politicians to lose dia jobs during di impeachment crisis na Republicans.

Di Republican plan to use di scandal to help dem win di 1998 midterms backfired: Democrats made gains for both di House and di Senate.

Oga Clinton leave office for January 2001 wit 65% approval rating - di highest of any of his predecessors in half a century.

But im party lose di White House when George W Bush beat Al Gore afta dem recount Florida votes.

Wetin be im legacy?

E depend on who you ask but di Monica Lewinsky scandal go dey among di first thing most pipo go think of. Then di impeachment follow? .

Him high popularity ratings throughout di process suggest say e no to affect am unlike di previous two presidents wey face impeachment.