Cameroon Lecturers Strike: About 2000 lecturers stop for teach as deh nova get research bonuses

Cameroon university lecturers stop classes for seka unpaid bonuses

Some students shiddon outside lecture hall as Cameroon universities lecturers stop for teach, no mark papers, di ask authorities to pay dia research allowance.

No bi de first taim de lecturers di strike make goment pay research allowance.

About 2000 lecturers don make more dan one year, some two months without research allowances, Secretary General for Teachers Trade Union, university of Yaoundé branch, Dr. Fridolin Nke tell BBC News Pidgin.

But, de real problem na say lecturers no sabi de criteria weh deh di use for pay some lectures no pay odas, Nke add.

SYNES SG explain say ministry of higher education get for pay dem dis moni afta every three months. De pay bi different wit rank, from fcfa 300,000 to 1million, from Assistant lecturer to Professor.

De strike go end wen authorities pay dis research allowance, as Cameroon lecturers get de smallest salary for Central African sub-region, Nke tok.

Nke say dis strike too na for push higher education for shine eye for university reform, especially teaching and research.

"Research no dey for Cameroon universities, as e dey for oda kontris, de universities dey laik empty shells, no content. Weti we di teach no di reflect de challenges for de world", de university don tok.

2011 law give university opportunity for manage dia tins for independent manner, but lecturers say goment no want autonomy for university because e di favour dem.

Minister of Higher education, Jacques Fame Ndongo last week make public de amount weh deh di pay as bonuses but lecturers di vex say as deh expose de figures for public.

Minister say de mata no bi for e level, as e no fit solve de problem, but, lecturers say moni dey for some bank account weh deh di use'am for politics.

Prime minister bi give instruction make de add de moni for monthly salary, but till now e nova happen, de union SG argue.