Stevie Wonder: See why legendry American singer wan relocate go Ghana permanently

Legendry American singer and pianist, Stevie Wonder wan relocate go Ghana

Wia dis foto come from, STEVIE WONDER/INSTAGRAM

Legendry American singer and pianist, Stevie Wonder say im dey relocate go Ghana permanently.

He tok dis one wen e appear for one Orprah series, "di Orprah Conversation."

Di popular musician say im don tire for di racial injustice for America as im no fit watch im great grand-children dey beg for respect and value.

"I no wan see my children, children, children dey say "oh please, like me. Please respect me. Please value me. Which kain tin be dat?", he tok.

Di hit maker say im go rather go where im go feel respected and welcomed.

He add join say im want di world to get better. "I want make we pass where we dey now, make we comot from di funeral of hate, na wetin I want be dat."

Dis no be di first time di 70 year old musician dey tok say e wan relocate go Ghana. For 1994, Stevie Wonder tok say im wan leave Los Angeles go Ghana.

During one International Association of African American Music for Washington dem do dat year, oga Stevie say im fall in love wit Ghana wen e visit di kontri.

He say sense of community dey there.

Di 22 time Grammy ward winner dey considered as one of di most successful songwriters and musicians of all time.