Aisha Yesufu: Nigerians react to di comment wey di co-convener of di Bring Back Our Girls tok about President Muhammadu Buhari

Human Rights Activist

Wia dis foto come from, AISHA YESUFU/TWITTER

Mixed reactions don greet di co-convener of di Bring Back Our Girls group Aisha Yesufu comments on di way President Muhammadu Buhari take dey handle di rising cases of kidnappings for di kontri.

Aisha Yesufu wey appear for Channels TV program "Politics Today" on Friday bin yarn say President Buhari words no get meaning wen di host Seun Okinbaloye ask her how she go take react to di president statement on di recent kidnappings wey dey happun for di kontri.

Di president for inside statement on Friday bin reassure Nigerians say goment go do everything possible to rescue all those wey jaguda pipo kidnap. Di statement also warn bandits say di president no go succumb to threats and blackmail. He also tok say im goment get capacity to deal wit di bandits but dem no take forceful action to avide a situation where dos dep kidnap go dey inside rouble.

Di Human Rights Activist say "We dey used to a president whose words no mean anything. E tok one thing, and another thing dey happun,"

As some Nigerians hail Madam Yesufu comments and see her as hero and one woman wey no dey fear to tell goment di truth, others criticize as she dey tok against di goment.

Wia dis foto come from, TWEETS

Wia dis foto come from, Tweets

Aisha Yesufu wey become popular for 2014 sake of her campaign on di Chibok girls abduction, one major kidnap incident wey happun for 2014 where Boko Haram bin kidnap 200 school girls for Chibok, Borno state, North Eastern Nigeria don dey on di fore front of dos wey dey push federal goment to ensure di release of all di pipo kidnappers don gbab and also dey fight insecurity for di kontri.

As she dey tok on di abduction of di 317 girls gunmen kidnap from Jangebe Government Girls Secondary School for Zamfara State on Friday, she say di President body language dey give di pipo wey dey commit dis crime to continue.

Wia dis foto come from, AISHA YESUFU/TWITTER

"Di body language of President Muhammadu Buhari dey enable di terrorists. Dem know say we get President and Commander-In-Chief wey dey weak, we get incompetent and clueless president wey no care about wetin dey happun for di kontri." di BBOG Co-convener tok.

"Yesterday we bury seven military officers, di best pipo we get, di nation dey mourn and di President wey dey very close to where dem bury dem no even show for di place, wetin dat one mean? Time don reach make we begin dey place serious demands on di president".

"Dis na very sad moment especially wit di fact say our goment neva learn anything afta almost seven years of advocacy wey we don dey call on di goment to do di right thing and to do di needful to ensure say citizens dey protected.

"Before di Chibok Girl abduction, one Guniyadi killings happun where dem slaughter 29 boys for dia schools". she add.

Wen di host ask her which step make goment take, Madam Yesufu reply say "E no dey our place to give way forward. Di kontri dey pay di President salaries, di kontri dey care of im needs, pipo vote am into powe to give di way forward."