Nigeria Temporary Passport: Nigeria Immigration Service new e-passport to replace paper-based Emergency Travel Certificate

New Temporary Passport for Nigeria

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Immigration Service

Nigeria Immigration Service [NIS] don introduce a new travel document "Nigeria Temporary Passport" for Nigerians abroad wey need to travel back home but no hold standard passport for hand.

Nigeria Immigration Service [NIS], tok say di Nigeria Temporary Passport [NTP] meet International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] standards and go allow citizens abroad to return to di kontri without wahala for border control.

Nigerian goment just officially launch di new temporary type electronic passport [e-passport] on Tuesday inside one launch ceremony wey happen for capital city Abuja wey see top-top diplomats from US, UK, Canada and Cameroon show face for di event.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Immigration Service

Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola during di Nigeria Temporary Passport launch

Temporary passports na big deal for many Africans wey dey broad, wey fit don lost dia normal passport. For odas na say dia passports dey seized or jagupa pipo tiff am.

In di case of Nigeria, di Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) wey di kontri bin dey issue give citizens before dey cause wahala for travellers because some kontries no recognize am, as e no meet international standard.

Nigeria Immigrations Service oga Muhammad Babandede, say ETC na "big security threat" to Nigeria and di global community because na just "ordinary paper" wey no get any security feature inside am.

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/Rauf Aregbesola

Important tins about di new temporary passport

  • Di Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP) officially replace di paper-based Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)
  • Na embassies and high commissions outside of Nigeria fit issue am give citizens
  • Travellers no fit use am more than once and e dey valid for 30 days
  • Just like di standard passport, e meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • NTP get electronic chip inside wey go contain information about di traveller, like di standard passport.
  • Na only four pages dey inside am
  • Unlike standard Nigerian passport wey be green in colour di temporary one na colour wey resemble dark blue
  • Immigrations go collect di NTP from di traveller after e don use am once
  • Di Nigeria goment never release informate about how much NTP go cost
  • E no fit replace standard Nigerian passport