Kano news: Fake lemo drink 'kill' four pipo, land more dan 100 for hospital

Aminu Kano

Consumer Protection Council wey dey Kano for northern Nigeria say dem don arrest four pipo wey dem say sell fake drink give pipo for di state.

According to reports, di victims start to dey vomit, dey piss blood afta dem take di drink.

Oga for Consumer Protection Council Baffa Dan Agundi tell BBC say dem arrest di four pipo for one uncompleted building for Munjibir local goment for di state.

E say dem jam dem with about 500 different sacks of expired drinks and oda tins wey dey harmful if pesin consume am.

"Di main leader among di pipo wey we arrest na im main job be dat, to dey bring in expired and fake drinks, some of di tins wey we jam dia no even look like drinks."

Oga Baffa add say dem gbab di suspects afta dem put effort into investigating wia di drink comot from afta some pipo report say dem buy am from Singha Market and Bakin Asibiti for Kano city.

Kano ministry of health don confam di death of four pipp due to complications wey happun afta dem drink di fake drinks.

Dr Bashir Lawal of Abdullahi Wase hospital say at first dem bin tink say na Lassa Fever dey worry di sick pipp wey dem carry come dia side, but later dem confam say no be Lassa.

"Na four pipo die from dis disease, two for hospital and two for house while about 189 dey receive treatment for different hospitals for Kano." E tok.