Apam beach incident victims burial: Mass funeral ceremony happun for teenagers wey die for Ghana drowning incident

Some of the teenagers wey die

Dem don bury 13 of de teenagers wey die for Apam Beach for Goma West District of de Central Region Ghana afta dem drown.

Ministers of States, Parents, Chiefs, pastors and opinion leaders and classmates of di victims all present to perform final funeral rites of dia loved ones.

Dem line up eleven bodies for de forecourt of St Luke's Catholic Hospital to pay last respect to dem.

Dem bury two earlier, due to the bad state de bodies bin dey.

Delegation from de Presidency wey de Minister fisheries Mavis Hawa Koomson lead, donat Ghc10,000 to each of de deceased parents and Ghc 5000 to each of the survivors.

How de incident happen

E be about 20 teenagers way go out to swim last week Sunday for Apam beach, but dem never return.

Police for Ghana bin confam recovery of more dan 10 unidentified bodies of de children afta dem drown while dem, dey swim inside Apam beach located, Central Region on Monday, 8 March.

According to reports, 25 of dem bin dey dat journey, four survive, dem recover 13 bodies while 8 of dem still dey miss.

Parents of de victims wey dey miss attend de burial with pictures of their missing children and beg de Chief Fisherman to mobilize his men to continue with the search.

Before de burial start, many family members troop go Apam St Luke's Catholic Hospital Mortuary with pictures of dia children wey die.

Some fishermen rescue de survivors. One of de survivors, 'Figo' say some guys among dem bin dey play love with one of de girls, for de water, before de incident happen.

Some of de survivors still no fit speak because dema dey in shock.

According to statement wey DSP Irene Oppong wey dey in charge for Public Affairs for de Ghana Police Service for Cape Coast tok, dem get formal complaint from one Kwame Akono as at 8:40pm say "at about 5:30pm, en nephew Joshua Annor aged 15years go dey play ball for beach wey e drown with oda pikins".

According to de statement, de police tok say dem rush go de scene with search party.

"Luckily, we don rescue Simon Dadzie aged 15years and Godfred Appretsie wey get 14 years, alive wey dem dey admission for de Luke Catholic hospital".

De statement further tok say dem retrieve twelve dead bodies wey dey ages 14 to 17 years on Monday morning. Dis number get two female for inside wey dema body dey de hospital morgue pending autopsy examination.

De statement conclude say, "investigations dey go on take understand wetin happen".

More pictures from de burial:

Wetin we call dis foto,

Goment give victims compensation

Wetin we call dis foto,

Burial site for de victims