Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine side effects: Blood clot meaning, COVID-19 vaccine WHO latest review

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine side effects: COVID-19 vaccine "blood clot"

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AstraZeneca vaccines

Vaccine safety experts from di World Health Organization (WHO) dey meet on Tuesday to review di Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, afta a number of kontris pause dia their rollouts.

Kontris like France and Germany say dem dey act under precaution as reports of blood clots dey comot from some recipients in Europe.

A number of kontris don temporarily suspend di use of di vaccine, plus Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Dem tok say dem dey pause di rollout following reports of blood clots in some pipo wey don collect di Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine alias recipients.

Blood clot meaning

Blood clots na solid clumps wey dey form inside di blood, wey fit dey life threatening if dem no treat am quickly.

But di WHO say e no get evidence of link between clots and vaccines.

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AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine

Di World Health Organisation don ask kontris make dem no stop to dey vaccinate.

Di European Medicines Agency (EMA) - di European Union medicines regulator - also dey meet on Tuesday.

Dem don previously say pipo fit continue to dey receive di vaccine.

Di head of immunisation for di World Health Organisation for Africa don tell di BBC say di suspension of di AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine by many European kontris na matter of concern.

Dr Richard Mihigo say di WHO still dey recommend am for use and im dey worried say African kontri go start to lose trust for di product.

African kontris dey rely heavily on di cheaper and easier to store Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, to help tackle di spread of coronavirus. 24 nations don already receive doses under di global COVAX initiative and many don begin vaccinate.

But Dr Mihigo tell BBC say di decision by some European kontris to suspend di rollout of di Oxford jab don create anxiety over a product wey dem don already so far prove say e dey safe.

So far in Africa, only di Democratic Republic of di Congo postpone di start of dia vaccination drive over di concerns about clotting.

Dr Mihigo say dem don carefully review di safety profile of di AstraZeneca vaccine and ask kontris to make decision based on evidence and data.

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine side effects [blood clot] - Wetin di vaccine manufacturer tok?

AstraZeneca tok say afta a review of 17 million pipo wey receive di doses for Europe, dem find out say na 37 cases of pipo wey don develop blood clots.

Experts say di number of blood clots reported in vaccinated pipo no high pass wetin dem dey see in di general population.

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine side effects latest from Nigeria

Health authorities for Nigeria don tok say dem go continue to dey use di Astrazeneca vaccine.

Di National Incident manager of di Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr Muhktar Mohammed tok: "Our documentation , so far, don show say e dey safe to use."

"Considering wetin dey happun for some European kontris wia dem don suspend or stop to dey use di Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, for reason wey we never fit confam.

In all of dis issue, we dey look di benefit versus di risk, wetin dem don notice be say dem don administer almost five million doses and only 30 cases don report dis incidents.

Dis incidents dey small compared to even di incidents of di disease itself", Dr Muhktar explain.

E tok say di side effects wey pipo dey worry about, no be wetin pipo suppose dey worried about.

E say Nigeria go continue to dey administer di vaccine and dem go continue to roll am out.