UK Government Integrated Review: British new foreign, defence & development policy go define UK role around world well afta BREXIT

EU and UK flags

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Di United Kingdom [UK] goment don launch im new #IntegratedReview - di ambitious new vision for British foreign, defence & development policy.

Dis review go define Flag of United Kingdom role for di Earth globe Europe-africa & di long-term strategic aims.

Di Integrated Review na comprehensive articulation of di UK's national security and international policy.

E dey explain three fundamental national interests wey go bind together di citizens of di UK - sovereignty, security and prosperity - plus dia values of democracy and a commitment to universal human rights, di rule of law, freedom of speech and faith, and equality.

Di Integrated Review conclude one important moment for di United Kingdom, according to di UK Foreign Office.

Di world don change considerably since di 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, just as di UK place within di world don also change, di Foreign Office add.

Di document, wey be product of over one year of work across goment and afta consulting wit different external organisations and thinkers, e set out a vision for Global Britain wey include

  • Emphasis on openness as a source of prosperity
  • More robust position on security and resilience
  • A renew commitment todi UK as a force for good for di world
  • Increase determination to get multilateral solutions to challenges like climate change.

Wetin dis [Integrated Review] go achieve?

To sustain strategic advantage through science and technology:

Di plan na to make science and technology become important part of national security and international policy to firmly establish di UK as one global S&T and responsible cyber power.

Dis go dey useful in gaining economic, political and security advantage.

Shape di open international order of di future,

Working wit partners to strengthen di international institutions, laws and norms wey go enable open societies and economies like di UK own to flourish.

Dis na to help UK citizens and others around di world realise di full benefits of democracy, free trade and international cooperation - not least in di future frontiers of cyberspace and space.

Strengthen security and defence at home and overseas

Di Integrated review plan to work wit allies and partners to help maximise di benefits of openness and protect UK pipo, in di physical world and online against plenti growing threats.

Dis include state threats, radicalisation and terrorism, serious and organised crime, and weapons proliferation.

Building resilience at home and overseas

Improving di ability to anticipate, prevent, prepare for and respond to risks ranging from extreme weather to cyber-attacks.

Dis go also involve tackling risks from source - in particular climate change and biodiversity loss.

Di Integrated review go sets out di government overarching national security and international policy objectives until 2025.

And dis go inform future policy-making for all government departments. E go also inform future Spending Reviews, offer further opportunities to align resources wit ambition over di long term.