World Tuberculosis Day 2021 theme: Tuberculosis disease, TB symptom, how to test, treat TB

"World Tuberculosis Day 2021 theme"

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Tuberculosis [TB] disease and Covid 19 [Coronavirus] be infectious diseases wey dey attack mainly di lungs, according to World Health Organization [WHO].

Di major concern na as TB and Covid take relate especially as many pipo fit get TB come confuse am with Covid because di cough wey dey involved for di two sickness.

Di international health organization don already confam say both TB and Covid get similar symptoms like cough, fever and difficulty breathing wey dey affect di throat.

March 24 every year na World Tuberculosis Day and di theme of dis year edition na; "Do Clock dey Tick".

Nigeria dey among di ten kontris wey account for 64% of di global gap for TB case finding - India, Indonesia and Nigeria account for almost half of di total gap.

As for prevention, WHO tok say health authorities suppose put measures in place to limit transmission of TB and Covid especially to arrange dia health care facilities well to separate treatment for di two infectious diseases wey dey kill pipo.

Dem also advise sey make laboratories always carry out accurate diagnostic test because e dey very essential for both TB and COVID-19 because tests for di two conditions dey different and dem suppose provide di results with respiratory symptoms, wey fit dey similar.

"While di experience of Covid-19 infection for TB patients dey small, we know say pipo wey dey sick with both TB and Covid fit get poorer treatment outcomes, especially if dem interrupt TB treatment. Make TB patients take precautions as health authorities advice dem say make dem always dey protected from Covid 19 and continue dia TB treatment as doctor prescribe am", WHO tok to mark this year World Tuberculosis Day.

Wetin be Tuberculosis [TB]

According to NHS, wetin dey cause TB na bacterial infection wey dey affect pesin throat.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis [TB]

Wen pesin dey cough for more than three weeks and usually cough-out phlegm wey blood dey inside.

Pesin dey lose weight

Pesin dey sweat for night

Pesin get high temperature

Pesin dey quick tire and no dey get strength

Pesin wey loss of appetite

And wen di Pesin get swelling for neck

Tuberculosis [TB] treatment

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With treatment, you fit cure Tuberculosis [TB]. Na just to take di antibiotic wey your doctor prescribe for up 6 months.

If you dey infected wit TB wey dey stubborn, di treatment fit make you take up to six different medications.

Just like Covid, person wey get TB also need to self-isolate to stop di infection make e no spread reach family and friends.

Make you no go work, school or college until your TB treatment team advice say you don dey safe to return.

Always cover your mouth wen you dey cough, sneeze or laugh.

Carefully troway any tissue wey you don use inside plastic bag wey dem seal.

Open windows wen possible to ensure sey you get fresh air.

No sleep for di same room with oda pipo wey no get TB

Pipo wey dey at-risk

Children wey dey live for area wey pipo wey get TB dey live

Pipo wey get close family members from countries wey get high TB rates

Pipo wey dey live and work with local people pass 3 months for area wey get high rates of TB patients

Continents wey get high TB rates

Africa - particularly sub-Saharan Africa and west Africa

South Asia - including India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh



South America

Di western Pacific region - including Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines