Penis size and Dr Shanna Swan 'Count Down': Wetin dey cause Penis to shrink and di latest scientist just reveal

Penis size and Dr Shanna Swan 'Count Down'

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Environmental scientist reveal say human penis dey shrink and genitals no dey form well sake of environmental pollution.

Dr Shanna Swan, for inside im new book, titled Count Down tok say humanity dey face existential crisis in fertility rates as a result of one chemical wey dem dey call phthalates dey cause human babies to be born wit malformed genitals.

For di book, she examine how "modern world dey threaten sperm counts, dey disturb male and female reproductive development and e dey put di future of human race in danger."

As a result of dis pollution, dem dey born a growing number of babies wit small penis, Dr Swan write.

Dr Swan research examine phthalate syndrome, something wey dem observe for inside rats and dem realise say wen dem expose di foetus to dis chemicals, e dey likely say dem go born dem wit shrunken penis.

She discover say male human babies wey dey exposed to di phthalates for di womb get shorter anogenital distance - something wey dey related wit penile volume.

Di chemical get one industrial use in making plastics more flexible, but Dr Swan say dem don transmit into toys and foods and later harm human development.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Why penis dey shrink

Wetin be Phthalates wey dey cause penis to shrink?

Phthalates na group of chemicals wey dem dey use for inside plenti products, like toys, vinyl flooring and wall covering, detergents, lubricating oils, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, blood bags and tubing.

Dem dey also use Phthalates for inside personal care products, like nail polish, hair spray, aftershave lotion, soap, shampoo, perfume and others

Dem dey use am to soften polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and use am as solvents inside cosmetics and other consumer products,

Apart from Dr Shanna Swan research on penis shrinkage, wetin scientist don tok say e dey cause penis to go down low?

For one article wey scientist put for Medical news website, dem explain other reason penis dey shrink.

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See wetin dey cause penis to shrink?

Penis shrinking dey common as men dey age, but e get many other reasons why penis fit shrink:


As men dey grow older, some fatty deposits go build up for di arteries to cause blood flow to di penis to reduce.

Dis dey cause muscle cells for di erectile tubes inside di penis to become weaker. Di erectile tubes dey produce erections wen blood dey pump well-wel,, so less blood flow mean say man go get smaller or fewer firm erections.

Weight Gain

Di effect of weight gain, mostly around di stomach, na genuine concern for many men as dem dey age.

Although man penis fit appear smaller wit weight gain, e fit never shrink. Di reason e go look smaller na because di penis dey attached to di abdominal wall, and wen belly expands, e go pulls di penis inward. If man loses weight, im penis go regain di usual shape and size.

Prostate surgery

One report for di International Journal of Impotence Research don show say men wey get cancer prostate gland removal surgery (radical prostatectomy) fit experience some penis shrinkage alias reduction.

Di research say 71 percent of men wey do radical prostatectomy dey experience some penis shrinkage.


Some medications fit cause penis shrinkage. Dis medicines include Adderall, wey dem dey prescribe for lack of attention or hyperactivity, some antidepressants and antipsychotics, and some drugs wey dem prescribe to treat enlarged prostate.


For 1998, Boston University of Medicine examine di erect penis of 200 men. and di result show say smokers dey get shorter erect penis pass men wey no dey smoke.

Chemicals from cigarette smoking fit wunjure di blood vessels for di penis, and e fit prevent di penis from filling wit blood and stretching. Regardless of di stimulation and di effect on di brain, if di blood vessels dey damaged, di penis no go get erection.