Biden press conference: US President call Georgia voting restriction law 'atrocity'

President Joe Biden speaking to reporters

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Wetin we call dis foto,

President Biden call di law "an atrocity"

US President Joe Biden say di state of Georgia new voting law to racist policies of di 20th Century American South 'na atrocity.

Di law get new restrictions to voting wey oga Biden say go prevent black pipo from voting.

For inside statement, di president call di law di "Jim Crow of di 21st century" and "attack on di Constitution".

E add say di justice department dem "dey look" am.

For last year presidential election, Biden become di first Democratic candidate to win Georgia since 1992 - many pipo believe say na di high turnout among black Americans wey work in e favour for di state.

Tori be say di state bin dey di centre of false claims of voter fraud during di 2020 election.

Di southern state na one of di states for US wia Republicans dey reason to change dia electoral laws.

Wetin dis new law mean?

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

E add new ID requirements for request on mail-in ballots, and replace di current system wey just need only signature.

Republicans say dis go instil greater confidence for di integrity of di election, but Democrats say e go make am harder for working class pipo - wey fit no get ID - to cast dia ballot.

E go extend early voting access for most counties

Di previous version of di bill curb weekend voting bin cause wahala, wit Democrats argue say e target di Sunday voting drives wey black churches dey hold.

E give di state legislature more power ova di state election board.

Democrats say dis move go allow dem to cancel votes for some counties, something wey Oga Trump bin dey ginger for aft aim lose.

E ban di practice of giving food or water to voters wey dey for line.

Di Republican bill say dis move dey help to solicit for votes, but several media reports suggest say voters, particularly those wey dey for majority of di black parts of the state, gatz wait in line for hours.

E shortens di period for runoff elections

E reduce from nine weeks to four weeks - e reduce di time for early and mail in voting. Democrats say dis move na attempt to suppress votes afta di voter base for Georgia send two Democrats go US Senate dis year. Republicans say e go fairly reflect voters' beliefs as at di time of di initial vote.

Wetin President Biden tok?

"Recount afta recount and court case afta court case e still uphold di integrity and outcome of clearly free, fair, and secure democratic process," na wetin Oga Biden tok for statement, e release on Friday.

Im describe di new law wen im say: "Dis na Jim Crow for di 21st Century. E must end."

By Jim Crow im dey refer to di 19th and 20th Century laws wey enforce racial segregation for US South.

Among di restrictions na new voter identification requirements for absentee ballots, and one wey limit di use of ballot drop boxes wey make am easier to vote.

Di law also see am as crime to give pipo wey dey queue for vote food and water.

"Instead make e celebrate di rights of all Georgians to vote or winning campaigns on merits of dia ideas, Republicans for state instead rush through an un-American law to deny pipo di right to vote," Na wetin oga Biden add put

"Dis law, like so many odas wey Republicans for statehouses dey pursue across di kontri na attack on di Constitution and good conscience."