IMT Enugu girl suspected murder: Precious Orji, 20yr old lady naked deadi bodi dem find for gutter

" IMT Enugu girl suspected murder":

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Residents of Enugu for eastern Nigeria wake up dis week to see di lifeless body one young lady wey naked inside gutter.

Dem find di 20-year-old deadi bodi along Presidential Road, Independence Layout inside Enugu metropolis.

BBC Pidgin find out say after several checks police, carry di bodi comot come identify di lady as Orji Chiamaka Precious Gold.

She student of Institute of Management Technology [IMT], Enugu.

Di cause of her death dey unknown but some pipo wey see di corps dey suggest sey she bit be victim of ritual killers.

Precious Orji na National Diploma holder of Institute of Management and Technology, Department of Science Laboratory Technology.

"Police don arrest two (2) pesins and dem dey investigate dem to ascertain dia involvement for di death of di young lady." Mohammed Ndatsu Aliyu, di State Commissioner of Police tok for statement.

"Di State CID go also carry out a full-scale investigation to unravel di circumstances wey surround di death of di young lady.

"Police Operatives we dey attached to New Haven Police Division don move di body of di lady go mortuary." CP Aliyu add.