Abdul Nsembo and Shamim Mwasha: Tanzania popular fashion blogger and husband get life imprisonment for drug trafficking

Shamim Mwasha and her Abdul Nsebo foto on her Facebook page

Wia dis foto come from, Shamim Mwasha/Facebook

One high court for Tanzania don sentence one blogger and her husband to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

Shamim Mwasha dey run fashion blog and YouTube channel.

Dem arrest her together wit her husband Abdul Nsembo for dia home for Dar es Salaam in May 2019.

Tori be say dem allegedly catch heroin for dia hand. Dem charge dem to court and court bin deny di couple bail.

According to wetin tori pipo for Daily news report, di High court Corruption and Economic Crime Division on Wednesday sentence Abdul Msembo and im wife Shamim Mwasha for trafficking 275.4 kilo of Heroin Hydrochloride wey be narcotic drugs.

Di High court judge, Elinaza Luvanda convict di couple afta im consider di evidence wey di prosecution and defence tender.

During di trial, di prosecution wey State Attorney Constantine Kakula lead, dem call eight witnesses to give account. Also di convict dey represented by Advocates wey give dia own defence evidence.

Wia dis foto come from, Daily News

Wetin be di Anti-drug trafficking law for Tanzania

From di kontri Drugs and Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Drugs act, Anybody wey dey in possession or do any act or omits to do any act or thing in respect of narcotic drugs or any preparation wey contain any manufactured drugs don commit offence.

and upon conviction di pesin dey liable to a fine of ten million shillings or three times di market value of di narcotic drugs or whichever one dey greater or di pesin fit face imprisonment for life. or e fit face both di fine and imprisonment;

Trafficking of any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance or any substance wey represent or wey authority see as narcotic don commit offence and upon conviction e dey liable to a fine of ten million shillings or three times di market value of di narcotic drug or psychotropic substance, plus imprisonment for life but shall not in every case be less than twenty years for prison.