Niger Coup: Details of Niger coup attempt before President Mahamadou Issoufou handover to Mohamed Bazoum

Armed soldiers of di Niger National Guard

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Niger say dem stop one attempted coup just days before di inauguration of di next president.

Armed attackers bin try to seize di presidential palace in di early hours of Wednesday but di presidential guard fight dem off, sources tok.

President-elect Mohamed Bazoum dey due to take im oath of office on Friday.

Dis go be di first transfer of power between two democratically elected presidents for Niger since di kontri gain independence for 1960.

Niger na one of di world poorest nation, according to di UN development rankings for 189 countries. Four military coup don happun for di kontri and di recent one happun for 2010.

Residents for di capital Niamey reported hearing bursts of gunfire at around 03:00 local time (02:00 GMT) early on Wednesday.

Di attackers, reportedly from one nearby airbase, run after dem meet wit gunfire and shelling.

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Mohamed Bazoum historic inauguration go happun on Friday

One government tok-tok pesin say dem don arrest a number of dem and dem don begin investigate di pipo wey dey responsible.

"Di government condemn dis cowardly and retrograde act wey wan spoil di democracy and di rule of law to which our kontri dey committed," he tok.

Di current President, Mahamadou Issoufou, dey step down afta two five-year terms. Imsuccessor, Mr Bazoum,na former interior minister from di governing party.

Di democratic transfer of power for one kontri dey prone to coups don win international praise, but Oga Bazoum rival Mahamane Ousmane reject di result of di election.

E bin get increasing attacks by jihadist groups plus political tensions for di country afta Oga Bazoum victory.

Earlier dis month Niger see di worst militant attack for history, as suspected jihadists targeted three villages kill 137 pipo.