Pastor Chris: UK sanction Chris Oyakhilome TV for 'inaccurate and potentially harmful' Coronavirus claim

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Wia dis foto come from, Youtube/ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

UK broadcasting regulatory authority, don sama fine of £125,000 on Loveworld Television Network, one station owned by di church wey Chris Oyakhilome dey oversee.

Di Office of Communications impose di financial penalty afta one programme dem broadcast on di religious service, dem tok say di programme feature inaccurate and potentially harmful claims about Coronavirus and dem no provide adequate protection for viewers.

Di regulatory body say dis na di second time in one year wey di broadcaster go breach dia rules on accuracy for news, and harm in dia coverage of di Coronavirus.

Ofcom say dem consider dis breaches to be serious, repeated and reckless, na im make dem impose di statutory sanction beyond di direction to broadcast one statement of dia findings wey Ofcom issued in dia Decision published 15 January 2021.

Ofcom investigate find out say di 29-hour programme, Global Day of Prayer, include statements wey claim say di pandemic na "planned" event created by di "deep state" for bad purpose.

And di programme also tok say di vaccine na "corner-corner" means to put "nanochips" to control and harm pipo.

Some statements claim say dem carry out "fraudulent" testing  to deceive di public about di existence of di virus and di scale of di pandemic. 

Others link di cause of Covid-19 to di roll out of 5G technology.

Ofcom stress say legitimate debate about di official response to di Coronavirus pandemic dey fundamental to holding public authorities to account during a global health crisis.

 However, di inaccurate and potentially harmful claims wey dem make during dis no get any factual evidence and went entirely without challenge."

Ofcom say dem dey particularly concerned say dis breach dey follow previous, similar breaches wey happun for 2020 during di investigation wey, Loveworld Limited give Ofcom a number of assurances say dem go improve dia compliance to di rules.