Adesua Etomi twins: Banky W, Welingnton and im wife video testimony about dia journey and wait before dem born baby Zaiah

"Adesua Etomi Wellington, Banky W baby Zaiah"

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Ogbonge Nigerian actor Adesua Etomi and her husband Musician, Banky W say dem bin do IVF and get pregnant with twins before dem eventually give birth to dia baby boy Zaiah.

Dem get pregnant with dia son afta two-and-a-half years of trying to conceive.

Adesua and Banky W tok about dia trying times say na tough period for dia life.

"Dem yab me every single day, for two-and-a-half years before I get pregnant and born my son."

"I no fit get one opinion without one pesin saying go and born, I no fit tok anything without one pesin saying get out go born, you dey barren, you do something with your womb." Adesua tok.

Adesua say everytime dis one happen, she dey go back to tok to God say "father lord, dem know say I dey serve you. So na you dem dey mock, not me"

Adesua also tok say as her mama be pastor, she don see as pipo wey dey wait on di lord for di fruit of di womb come meet her mama and she dey see dia pain and na something she bin don ask God make e no make her go through dat journey.

Adesua wey tok for di The Waterbrook Church in Lagos, on Easter Sunday 2021, wia di couple give dia testimony also add say, by di end of dia one year marriage dem bin try IVF and she bin get pregnant with twins.

"We get pregnant, and we get pregnant with twins. We do scan, we see di heartbeat, na only few pipo sabi wen dis wan happun. Everything bin dey fine but during one routine check-up to go do scan and I just see di doctor face... and she say Adesua I dey find di heartbeat."

Adesua say, she and Banky W dem decide to pray and wait for days before dem go back di hospital, but di babies no make am.

Banky W say dat moment na very tough time for dem.

"I remember say I lead her up di stairs afta di evacuation, we stay ontop di couch, I hold her for my hands, and we cry." Banky W tok.

Afta di first round, di couple open up say, dia second attempt no work at all.

Dem also say doctor bin say Adesua get Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and her ovarian reserve bin dey too high and Banky W sperm Morphology bin dey off.

"I pray for my healing den my ovarian reserve return to normal, den di doctors begin fear say becos e happen to quickly say, maybe you dey lose all your eggs, make we comot dem, maybe you dey go into early menopause, na dia we decide to match break."

Adesua say she and Banky decide not to do again. She decide not to take any drug or injection again, if God bless her with pikin fine, if not, den e get something else wey e dey plan.

Wen dem finally take in for 2020, without any medical help, Adesua say, "I remember just staring at di stick, not like in shock but I dey tink say dis God, I just sit down, I still dey di toilet seat, I say, Olubankole, Jesus don do am." Adesua tok.

Adesua say she share her testimony because so many women dey go through dis kain tin, but pipo no dey tok about am.