Usman Alkali Baba: New IGP of police and odas wey don serve as Nigeria police boss in di last 10 years

Past and current Nigerian IGP

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Police Force

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday appoint Usman Alkali as di new Inspector General of di kontri.

Before am, Mohammed Adamu na im be di oga of police and be dey in charge since di president appoint am for 2019

In di last 10 years under di leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari, na about six IG's (excluding di new one) don lead di police force.

See wetin you need to know about dem.

Hafiz Ringim (2010-2012)

Dis na di first IG of police under President Goodluck Jonathan and na under im tenure Boko Haram carry out dia first most popular attack wen dem strike for UN building and Police headquarters for capital Abuja for 2011.

Ringim leave IG position for 2012 and at di moment dey into farming for im local goment Ringim for Jigawa state wey dey northern Nigeria.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Police Force

Muhammad D Abubakar (2012-2014)

MD Abubakar as many dey popularly call am serve for only two years just as di pesin before am.

Na under im tenure di popular fuel subsidy protest of 2012 happun.

At di moment, na im be di Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Al Hikmah University wey dey Ilorin for central Nigeria and e be in-law to Africa richest man, as im pikin Jamil Abubakar, marry Dangote daughter.

Sulaiman Abba (2014-2015)

Dis na one of di IG's wey no tey for di post as e serve only less dan a year

E replace Abubakar as IG and as e remain small time for 2015 elections to happun, den president Jonathan replace am.

Sulaiman hold different position while in police including ADC to former first lady Maryam Abacha.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Police Force

Solomon Arase (2015-2016)

Dis na di 18th IG for Nigerian Police and before im appointment by Presido Jonathan, e bin dey head criminal intelligence and investigations bureau.

Na under am di 2015 elections wey bring in di present APC goment happun.

And e also serve for di Namibia peace keeping operations of United Nations, dis IG like pesin wey im replace serve for only one year.

Ibrahim Idris (2016-2019)

Dis na di first IGP wey Presido Buhari appoint after e become president.

According to wikipedia, Ibrahim na di first IG wey declare im assets publicly wey make Vode of Conducts Bureau praise am.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Adamu Mohammed dey visit Imo State

Mohammed Adamu (2019-2021)

Wetin many pipo go use take remember dis IG na di End Sars protest wey happun under im watch.

Though e later disband SARS, many believe say e no act on time.

Di Nasarawa state born Geography graduate serve for two years before im replacement on Tuesday.

Usman Alkali Baba(2021)

Dis na di new guy in town as far as Nigeria Police dey concern. Im tenure just dey start.

Many Nigerians at di moment dey concerned about all di security wahala wey dey happun for south east and northern part of di kontri and dey hope say e go try end all di problems.

Wia dis foto come from, Police

Di 'task' before di new IG

In recent times, attacks don really increase for south eastern part of di kontri.

Di latest wey make news around di world na di attack on prison and police headquarters for Owerri di state capital wey lead to di escape of about 1,800 prisoners.

Even as dis one dey go on, reports of bandits operation too for di north east dey worry.

In di last three months, bandits attack and kidnap students from four different schools around di region

Some of di students from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation for Mando, Kaduna still dey di hand of di kidnappers.

Also for di south west and south-south, di farmers-herders crisis too dey go on and don result to clashes, deaths and destruction for di region.