Kaduna College of Forestry student kidnappers release narrate im 'painful' 28 days experience in captivity

Some pipo in front of di College of Forestry gate

Special assistant to Kaduna state Govnor on media Abdallah Abdallah don confam to BBC say, five more students wey gunmen kidnap from College of Forestry on March 11 don regain dia freedom.

Dia release come less dan 72 hours after five oda students regain dia freedom after which di state goment host dem for goment house.

"Yes na true, I get confirmation from our internal security ministry say dem don release five more students." Dis na wetin Govnor Nasir Elrufai PA tok.

Even though di state goment still dey maintain say dem no go pay any ransom for any of di students, some pipo for Kaduna believe say dia families on dia own go make payment na why dem release dia pipo.

Na on di 11th of March gunmen enter di College of Forestry wey dey inside Kaduna city pack 39 students from dia hostel go.

Few days later di gunmen release video wia dem dey flog di students and later demand N500m as ransom from goment.

On di 27th of March father of one of di kidnapped student Mallam Ibrahim Shamaki die and family members say di issue of im kidnapped child bin dey disturb am wella.

Kaduna state govnor Mallam Nasir El rufai say im policy be say e no negotiate with di kidnappers talk less of paying any ransom.

At di moment na 29 students remain for di kidnappers hand since a total of 10 students don regain freedom.

Wia dis foto come from, Mohammed Salih

Wetin we call dis foto,

Some of di students wey dem free

'I drink dirty water for 28 days' - Kaduna Forestry College student kidnappers release narrate im experience

One of di five students of College of forestry for Kaduna wey dey northern Nigeria wey kidnappers release on Monday don narrate wetin e take eye see to BBC Pidgin

Di student wey BBC no go mention im name for safety reason, say na only God keep dem alive as na 'very dirty' water di kidnappers bin dey give dem to drink.

E add say, di 28 days e spend inside bush with di kidnappers na di most painful for im life and something wey e no go ever forget.

"If not for God me and my oda colleagues for no dey alive, apart from di very dirty water dem dey give us to drink, di feeding na only twice every day and na just small portion of either fruits or spaghetti."

"Anoda thing be say all of us na from di same plate we go chook hand so sometimes before pesin hand reach di plate food don finish and dat's all."

"Sleeping time na for floor for everybody with insects and everything."

Di released student say e feel happy say e dey free now but dey always think about di oda students wey still dey with di kidnappers and to sleep still dey hard am.

"I dey happy to be free but at di same time I dey also sad if I remember di oda students wey still remain. Anoda thing wey dey worry me now na lack of sleep, if sleep start small I go just wake up."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na Nigeria Federal Government dey operate di Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation inside Mando area of Kaduna State.

Di 200 level student also tok about the much circulated video wey show di kidnappers dey flog students.

"Di reason dem do dat video na because dem say if our pipo and goment see us dey chop beating dem go quickly release money."

On why dem release only five of dem leave di rest dia e say, di kidnappers give dem message to carry come.

"Di message wey dem give us be say make goment pay dem money on time in order for dem to release di oda students."