Kelechi Ndukwe: Meet di first ever Nigerian-American to be captain for U.S. Navy - See who im be

Nigerian-American Kelechi Ndukwe

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Earlier dis month, Nigerian-American Kelechi Ndukwe shine for America as e get new appointment as di commander of a U.S. Navy Guided Missile Destroyer.

Dis new appointment don make di U.S. Naval War College graduate to become di first Nigerian-American to become captain of a U.S. Navy ship, Guided Missile Destroyer, USS HALSEY (DDG-97).

Before e take over as di commanding officer from DeVere J. Crooks wey bin command di ship since November 2019, e bin serve as di second-in-command.

As di first Nigerian-American to command di ship, di new role na di highest position for im 18-year career for di US navy.

He join di US Navy for 2003 auxiliaries officer in 2003, one year afta e get im master's degree in national security and strategy studies from di US Naval War College.

Di U.S Navy inside tweet congratulate di new captain.

Captain Kelechi Ndukwe: Education, Awards and Experience

Di U.S. Navy officer gada plenty experience from im work wit warships like destroyers, cruisers and mine countermeasures plus e don work for di Mediterranean Sea, Horn of Africa, Arabian Gulf, Western Pacific Ocean, and South America.

He don hold plenty ogbonge positions at different times for di US Navy wey include; Commanding Officer, Deputy Assistant to Director Surface Warfare, Combat Service Officer, Navy Congressional Liason Officer, Fire Control Officer, among others.

Di U.S. Navy commander also na qualified surface warfare officer and e don serve as auxiliaries mechanical engineering officer and e represent di Navy on Capitol Hill as congressional liaison officer for di Navy Office of Legislative Affairs.

He dey recognised wit plenty various personal, unit-level, and campaign awards, wey include di Defence Meritorious Service Medal, di Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and di Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

Ndukwe get bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Notre Dame from 1997 - 2002 plus Master's degree in National Security and Strategy from di U.S. Naval War College for 2008 - 2009.

According to Igbo History and Facts on Twitter, Commander Kelechi Ndukwe na from Okoko-item, Abia state, East-Central Nigeria.