Woman with world longest fingernails Ayanna Williams cut dem afta almost 30 years - See why she do am

Ayanna Williams

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Afta nearly 30 years of growing her fingernails, Ayanna Williams, from Houston, Texas United States of America don cut her nails.

Madam Ayaana Williams say she don tire for di nails dat na why she decide to cut am and move forward to di next chapter of her life.

"I just don tire for di nails and I might as well cut dem," she tok.

Ayanna make one of di most difficult decisions wen she decide to cut her fingernails wey she don dey keep for 29 years.

She enta Guinness World record for 2017 as di woman wit di longest fingernails for world.

Wen Guinness World Records bin measure her nails for 2017, dem reach combined total of 576.4 cm. Ripley's Believe it or Not! Measure am again as she wan cut dem, dem measure 733.55 cm all togeda.

To make sure say history no go eva forget about Ayanna nails, Ripley's Believe it or Not! And Guinness World Records, buy di nails, but dem no tok how much dem buy am.

Wetin next for Ayanna?

Madam Ayanna say her new target now na to encourage di next pesin wey get interest to make history wit im long nail to go for Guinness World Records title.

She say pipo wey need encouragement make dem come find her. She add say, you must to get mind and no listen to wetin pipo dey tok becos dem must to tok weda you do good or bad.

Now, she plan to grow her nails to only six inches.

She tell Guinness World Records say, "I dey excited about cutting my nails because I dey look forward to new beginning."

How she bin manage for 29 years

Madam Williams bin no dey fit do tins easily, some tins sef she bin no dey do at all. Before she bin dey fear to text message, wash plates, put bed sheet for bed or open door out of fear say her nails fit break.

According to Ripley's Believe it or Not! Wey bin follow her go di hospital wia she cut di nails, as dem cut am finish she "jump from her chair and immediately begin do tins she bin no fit do for many-many years - texting easily, she sharply enta cars and open doors witout fears say she go break her beloved nails - e bin dey happun."

Although Ayanna nails enta Guinness World Records as longest nails for 2017, di woman wit di longest nails for history still remain Lee Redmond wey bin begin grow her nails for 1979 until dem long reach 28ft 4.5 inches.