Leticia Kyere Pinaman: ‘My 15 year old daughter no commit suicide’ - Father cry foul play

Leticia Pinaman

Wia dis foto come from, Miracle Senior High School

Family of Ghana senior high school student wey allegedly die from suicide say evidence from de crime scene and her body dey show say she no commit suicide.

Family of de deceased, Leticia Kyere Pinaman who be 15 years dey ask how person wey commit suicide legs dey hang for ground?

BBC Pidgin secure audio clip of de father who talk local reporters say dem stage de death of en daughter,

"I see say dem kill my daughter wey dem hang am with rope... Her leg dey ground, she no dey stand on anything like typical suicide dey" Williams Kyere talk.

"She no urinate on herself, bite her tongue or poop on herself as most suicide victims dey do, which show say dem kill am" he add.


Shocking details of de death of Leticia Kyere Pinaman, hit en school around 9.30pm on Monday after some students discover say she dey hang in de dining room.

De second-year student of Miracle Senior High School, Sunyani from initials observation look like she commit suicide.

De matter which send shock throughout de school take new twist after pictures and videos from de crime scene according to de family dey suggest dem kill an before dem hang am.

BBC Pidgin sources reveal say de young lady dey boarding house whereas her mother dey Kenyasi, suburb of Sunyani.

De family who rush go de school after dem hear of de incident dey call ask police to investigate de death of de student.

BBC Pidgin talk plus Sunyani Divisional Crime officer, DSP Kingsley Wiredu who confirm de incident and ongoing investigations but no give details about what dem know about de death so far.