Winners Chapel sack pastors: Bishop Oyedepo tok why Winners Chapel Church sack pastors

Bishop Oyedepo

Wia dis foto come from, Bishop Oyedepo Ministry

Bishop Oyedepo don react to di sacking of some pastors for di winners church wey don cause Nigerians to tok

Di bishop say di reason dem sack pastors na because dem no dey fruitful.

Tori bin dey fly around say di winners church sack di pastors based on say dem no dey generate income for di church.

One of di Pastors allege inside video say di Church im dey work for give am sack letter sake of say im branch no grow like dem expect.

Pastor Peter Godwin say, Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel sack im and some oda ministers for Ekiti, southern Nigeria wit letter.

Di minister inside di viral video also claim say wen im ask for explanation, authorities for di Church tell am say di sack na because money wey im branch dey generate no reach to support wetin im dey spend.

But Bishop Oyedepo say dis no be so

“We ask you to go because you dey unfruitful. Blatant failure, dey do wetin dia?, e ask.

E also add: “Pipo dey confused about our ministry. We no get patience wit failure hia.

Oda things Bishop Oyedepo tok

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook/Bishop David Oydepo

Wetin we call dis foto,

Bishop David Oydepo

Bishop Oyedepo also react to backlash wey di church don receive for social media sake of di sack, e say social media no gree react wen di church employ ova 7,000 pastors

“We get more employees than oda organisations for most of di states across Nigeria. We no dey owe salaries and we no dey borrow.”

E say none of dia branches for di rural area fit generate di funds dem use build church for dia in di next 30 years.

Dis na to address tok say di church dey depend on rural pastors to generate income for di church.

"We dey hunt afta souls, money be nonsense

We neva lack and yet we neva pray for am, we just simply dey obey God and he dey back us up on wetin he dey ask us to do” , he tok.

E no dey clear how many pastors di Church sack but unconfirmed reports say dem pass 40.

Di mata don cause pipo to dey two mind as some support sacking of ministers by Church administrations while odas believe say since di work na Spiritual work, na only God fit comot Pastors.

Some pipo argue say if pesin collect employment letter, e suppose expect sack join. And say dis particular ministers for don get some kind of warning from di Church about di mata.