Snake surprise shopper for Australian supermarket

Wetin we call dis Video,

Snake show face for Australian supermarket shelf

Attempt to go buy food stuff for shop turn to snake rescue for one Australian woman when python been stretch neck to greet her out of shelf for one supermarket.

Helaina Alati, 25, bin dey for one Sydney store on Monday wen di 3m snake wey no get venom twist commot.

Di Woolworths supermarket dey on di edge of one large expanse of bushland for di city north-west outskirts.

But to jam snake for di spice aisle no be di tin wey Ms Alati expect.

Fortunately for both parties, Ms Alati na wildlife rescuer and she dey familiar wit snakes.

"I just turned my head and e dey about 20cm from my face, e just dey look straight at me," she tell BBC.

She bin do double-take but remain calm. No one else dey around.

She sharpaly recognise say na diamond python, Ms Alati know say di snake no dey venomous as e dey stretch neck and commot tongue.

"E look straight at me di whole time, almost like e dey say : 'U fit take me outside please?'" she tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Helaina Alati

Wetin we call dis foto,

Helaina Alati

After she film di snake, Ms Alati alert staff and say she fit help dem get am out.

She go carry one snake bag from her house, return to di store, "tap am for tail and e just twist enter".

She then release am away from houses for bushland - one natural habitat for di species around Sydney.

'Like a scene from Harry Potter'

A trained snake handler, Ms Alati don conduct at least 20 snake rescues before.

She say her friends been dey joke about her say she be "di snake girl", as dem reference one zoo scene inside Harry Potter film where di boy wizard bin find out say e fit tok to snake.

Ms Alati say she no fit speak Parseltongue like Harry, but "that scene been mention to me a few times".

"Dey kind of just dey attracted to me, like maybe dey just sense say I be di kind pesin wey dey into caring and protecting animal," she tok.

"To be honest, na di most exciting thing wey happen in a little while sake of lockdown. Di staff been all dey take photos of it."

Australia largest city been dey lockdown since June to fight Delta outbreak. Grocery shopping na one of di few reasons people dey allowed to leave their home.

Ms Alati say she suspect di snake don enter di shop overnight, probably initially in di ceiling where diamond pythons like to stay.

E fit probably hide ontop di shelf all morning as "dozen of pipo... pass it and grab spices", she added.