Obasanjo diabetes revelation and wetin di ex-Nigeria president tok about di disease


Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo don reveal say e get diabetes for more dan 35 years now.

Di ex-president make dis revelation for one event on diabetes for Ogun state on Wednesday where e tell young patients of diabetes say no be killer disease.

"I get diabetes for more 35 years now and I still dey here. I still dey waka dey jump upandan, I still dey do plenti tins wey many pipo of my age no fit do." Obasanjo tok.

Obasanjo further tok say di disease don kill many of im friends.

"Since wen I get diabetes, plenti of my friends don die, di reason be say dem no manage am di way dem suppose manage am. E no matter weda you be type one or type two, so far, no cure dey for diabetes, may be cure go come before I die, but I pray make cure come before you die.

You suppose understand di kind of food wey you dey chop, you must completely stay away from sugar. Dey suppose watch di number of carbohydrate wey you dey take. No miss your drugs, your insulin, injection. I dey carry my drugs go anywia I dey go and I dey always check my blood sugar level." Obasanjo add.

Di former president also advise say although diabetes no get cure, dem fit manage am.

Wetin to know about diabetes

Diabetes na lifelong condition wey dey cause pesin blood sugar level to become too high.

Di amount of sugar for blood dey controlled by one hormone dem dey call insulin, wey di pancreas dey produce (one gland behind di stomach).

Wen food dey digested and enter di bloodstream, insulin dey move glucose out of di blood and into cells, where e dey break down to produce energy.

However, if pesin get diabetes, di body no go fit to break down glucose into energy. Dis na because either enough insulin no dey to move di glucose, or the insulin wey dey produced no dey work properly.

Na 2 main type of diabetes dey:

type 1 diabetes - where di body immune system dey attack and destroy di cells wey dey produce insulin

type 2 diabetes - where di body no dey produce enough insulin, or di body cells no dey react to insulin

Lifestyle changes fit lower pesin risk of type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes fit dey managed through healthy eating, regular exercise and achieving a healthy body weight.