Kunle Olawunmi: Biography of ex-Naval officer wey torchlight security mata for Nigeria

Olawunmi ontop di Channels TV programme

Wia dis foto come from, Channels TV

Tori of how one former military officer allege say di Nigerian goment sabi who dey behind di kontri terrorism palava, don full news everywia for di kontri.

Di man, wey appear for one television programme for local channel also allege say some of dis sponsors currently dey Aso Rock, di seat of federal power for Nigeria.

Dis dey come afta di Tuesday 24 August attack on di Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), wia bandits infiltrate, kill two officers and kidnap one oda officer.

NDA na di kontri top military training school for north-western state of Kaduna.

On di programme, dem introduce am as Kunle Olawunmi, 'former Navy Commodore' and 'Prof of Global Security Studies' wey say im don do military intelligence work for 35 years.

Olawunmi allegations against di goment, don spark tok-tok from Nigerians.

"I tell dem [for intelligence committee] say di centre of gravity of Boko aram and terrorism for Nigeria na those wey dey sponsor di problem," Olawunmi tok.

Boko Haram na Islamist militant group wey dey operate for northern region of Nigeria and dem dey responsible for thousands of deaths, and kidnappings from 2012, wen dem begin dia insurgency.

Oga Olawunmi also allege say some of di sponsors im dey tok don become govnors, senators while some dey serve di federal goment for Aso Rock, Abuja.

So, who Olawunmi be? Make we torchlight di biography of di man:

Biography of Kunle Olawunmi

According to informate inside CV wey im publish, and informate e nack put im LinkedIn profile, Olawunmi na academic lecturer and author in addition to im work as military intelligence expert.

Im full name na Adekunle 'Toyin' Olawunmi - not much dey known about im age wia dem born am.


Kunle Olawunmi attend University of Nigeria, Nsukka wia e graduate wit B.Sc. Economics for 2003.

Im later collect degree for Military and Strategic Leadership for 2012. E also hold degrees for International Relations and Diplomacy.

Di Havard University alumni complete anoda executive study for National and International Security for 2015.

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Work Experience

Olawunmi for one of im CV e say im na di associate professor of intelligence and global security studies, wey don write book wit di title: "Nigeria, Global Peace and International Protection of Human Rights".

According to am, e don publish like 10 studies and essays; most of dem dey about military, security and international relations.

E claim affiliation wit African Institute of Strategic Studies, di International Society of Military Law and di National Institute of International Affairs.

Wia dis foto come from, LinkedIn