Samsung remotely disable TV wey dem loot for South Africa

Pesin wey dey push cart with Tv inside

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Samsung don announce say dem don "block" televisions wey pipo steal for South Africa during di gbas-gbos for July.

Di company tok say dem get inbuilt "block functions" for dia tv so dem go fit block am from di company.

According to Samsung, dem go activate di function wen di user of di TV dem tiff try to connect am with internet.

Di system go first check di TV serial number with di list for im server before dem block am.

Di block mean say di television set no go fit to work again at all.

South Africa bin enta serious gbege afta di imprisonment of former presido Jacob Zuma lead to kasala and protests for di kontri.

Di kontri endure weeks of violent protests and looting wey last month. Dis leave more than 300 pipo dead and property wey worth reach billions of rands ransacked.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na last week di katakata start afta Zuma surrender himself to begin one 15-month sentence. Dem kill pipo and arrest several odas.

Tori be say one of di tins wey dem tiff pass na smart TVs.

Pipo for social media don dey torchlight dis mata as some pipo tink say e go reduce crime, odas say dem fit use am to show pipo shege.

One pesin say na revenge Samsung do di pipo wey tiff dia TV, while anoda pesin say di moral lesson of dis whole tin na say make pesin no dey connect Smart TV for internet.