Guinea 'coup': President Alpha Conde fate for Conakry dey unclear as reports of im arrest by security forces dey fly

Soldiers dey do broadcast about di coup

Wia dis foto come from, Guinea TV

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di soldiers say dem act becos of ogbonge corruption

Members of Guinea military don appear on national tv to confam say dem don comot President Alpa Conde.

E still no clear wetin dey happen for Conakry, but the military say dem dey in control.

For inside di television address, men in military uniform, with the Guinea flag around dia backs address di nation.

Dem cal demsefs di National Committee for reconciliation and development, dem blame ogbonge corruption, mismanagement and poverty for inside Guinea for di coup d'etat.

Dem say di constitution don dey dissolved and dem go chook eye to create a new, more inclusive one.

Dem also claim say di goment don dey dissolved and say di land borders go dey closed for one week.

For inside fotos and videos wey dey go round for social media, one man wey look like say e be president Alpha Condé, wey dress casually in jeans and printed shirt dey surrounded by men in military uniform.

Inside video, dem ask am for French if e dey harmed in any way, but e no gree reply.

Before now, di defence minister dey quoted say im tok say dem stop di attempted takeover.

Dis one na afta hours of heavy gunfire near di presidential palace for di capital, Conakry.

Soldiers dey patrol di empty streets of di city centre.

Residents of di central Kaloum district bin obey di orders of di soldiers to stay house.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

President Alpha Conde

Earlier today, local sources bin report say Conde "dey do well and dey under di protection of im presidential guard" after gunshots sound near di presidential palace.

President Conde re-election for a third term for October 2020 hapun with controversy. Im campaign bin provoke ogbonge protests and security forces bin crackdown on di opposition.

Already reports say crowds of opposition supporters and activists enta di streets of Conakry, to celebrate.

Meanwhile, di worry na say dia latest coup na further evidence of how dem dey yeye democratic values for di region.

Na di fourth attempted coup for West Africa inside just over one year. Two military takeovers don hapun for Mali and one failed attempt for Niger since August 2020.