Jacob Zuma: South Africa ex-president dey released on medical parole

South Africa's former President Jacob Zuma at his trial

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

South Africa authorities don release former President Jacob Zuma from prison on medical parole.

Di 79-year-old dey serve one 15-month sentence for contempt of court for di Estcourt Correctional Centre.

Although dem no tok di nature of im sickness, one statement say e go now complete di rest of im sentence for di community under special conditions.

Zuma don dey hospital for di past month wia e undergone surgery.

E hand imself over to di police for July afta dem sentence am for failing to attend one court case wey chook eye inside corruption during im presidency.

Im jailing na something wey bin never hapun before for ex-president, e cause katakata, violent protests and looting.

Though im own party, di African National Congress (ANC), force am comot office for 2018, im bin still get a loyal body of supporters, especially for im home province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Dem sentence Zuma on 29 June say e ignore instruction to give evidence for one case wey chook eye into corruption during im nine years in power. E don testify only once for di case wey dey torchlight wetin dem don dey refer to now as "state capture" - meaning to kolobi state assets.

Businessmen don dey accused of planning with politicians to influence decision-making process wen im bin dey office. Zuma don tok over an over again say im be victim of political conspiracy.

Dem admit Zuma for prison hospital on 6 August for one condition wey dem no reveal, and im do surgery on 14 August. E still dey hospitalised.

Di decision to grant am parole dey based on a medical report to South Africa prison department, dem tok.

E dey due to face di corruption trial - wey dem postpone to 9 September for medical reasons.

Dem go fit to take back Zuma medical parole only if e no comply with di placement conditions, Correctional Services spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo tok

  • 2005: Charged with raping family friend - dem free am for 2006
  • 2005: Charged with corruption over multi-billion dollar 1999 arms deal - dem drop di charges shortly before e become president for 2009
  • 2016: Court order say make dem charge am with 18 counts of corruption over di deal - e appeal, but for 2017 lose di bid to overturn dem
  • 2016: Court rule say e breach im oath of office by using goment money to upgrade im private home for Nkandla - e repay di money
  • 2017: Public protector say make e appoint inquiry wey judge go lead into allegations say e profit from relationship with wealthy Gupta family - e deny allegations wey get to do with di Guptas
  • 2018: Zuma approve inquiry into claims of state looting
  • 2018: Di National Prosecuting Authority confam say Zuma go face prosecution for 12 charges of fraud, one for racketeering, two for corruption, and one fo money laundering, wey relate to di arms deal, wey e deny
  • 2021: E Begin a 15-month jail sentence afta di Constitutional Court order im arrest say e refuse to testify for di commission into state looting