Tim Bergling: Profile of Sweden DJ Avicii and why google dey celebrate wit doodle

Tim Bergling

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Google today pay tribute to Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, wey many pipo know as Avicii, wey die for April 2018.

Avicii wey produce hit songs like Wake Me Up, Levels and Seek Bromance, sudden death bin shake di world.

Dis na interesting tins you need know about Bergling, how im die and why im feature as today Google doodle.

Who be Tim Bergling?

Dem born Tim Bergling, for di Swedish capital of Stockholm for 1989, na popular DJ wey dey use di stage name ‘Avicii’.

Avicii passion for music start wen im dey small, in fact as young as eight-years-old, na im e begin make music. At 16, e release im song online.

Na from dia one record label, Dejfitts Plays, notice am for 2007.

Im first major song track release na Seek Bromance for 2010, di hit track reach top 40's for European kontries and topdance music charts.

Avicii go on to achieve greater chart success di following year wen im release EDM track, Levels.

Levels reach top 10 chart spots across Europe and help am to establish im presence for di industry, from dia, e move to sign to bigger record label EMI Music Publishing and receiving Grammy nomination for di track.

Bergling do collabos wit ogbonge music stars like Madonna, wia im co-write and co-produce several tracks for her 2015 album, Rebel Heart, as well as Coldplay Chris Martin and DJ David Guetta.

Wetin be di cause of Bergling death?

Afta many struggles wit im mental health and wellbeing, Tim Bergling die by suicide on 20 April 2018.

Bergling bin retire from touring for 2016, sake of physical health issues afta im bin contract acute pancreatitis due to alcohol consumption.

Him sudden death, by suicide, bin shock di music industry well-well.

In response to im death, Tim Bergling parents bin create The Tim Bergling Foundation to campaign against stigmatisation of suicide and for recognition as a global health emergency.

Why google dey use doodle to celebrate Bergling today?

Alyssa Winans wey be artist create illustration of Tim Bergling Winans, wit one still illustration of Bergling for im decks and click-through link to one YouTube video of animated video of Avicii ogbonge track, Wake Me Up.

Di Google doodle of Bergling na to pay tribute to di DJ for wetin for be im 32nd birthday today.