Covid-19 vaccination: Why Rivers State dey give vaccine without certificate

Covid-10 samples

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

Covid-10 samples

Covid-19 vaccination for Rivers State don get small k-leg.

Officials don run out of vaccination seals wey dey dem put for di Covid-19 vaccination cards for di oil-rich state.

Na so Joseph Urang wey be di State Immunizarion Officer tell BBC Pidgin.

Dem don give out over 40, 000 doses of di Moderna vaccine for di first dose so far.

But an extra 10,000 doses aftawards na without issuing a certificate to proof say pesin don take am.

Wia dis foto come from, NPHCDA

Dr. Joseph Urang explain say na dis concern make dem stop to give vaccination cards as dem don run out of di seals.

"Dem bin give us 40,000 doses to use for di first dose of di vaccination.

"But now we don give up to 50,000 doses so we don dip hand enter di second dose na im make shortage of about 10,000 dey.

Dem give us seal for 40,000 and we don vaccinate like 50,000 and we still dey vaccinate pipo so you see wia di shortage dey.

So right now we don exhaust di first dose of di Moderna vaccine and Abuja don promise to replenish us."

Dis one mean say an extra 10,000 pipo wey collect di Moderna vaccine for Rivers State for southern Nigeria no get a proof to show.

Covid-19 vaccination card or certificate na requirement wey you gatz give authorities wey go wan know if you don take di vaccine or now.

Without di card e fit dey difficult to proof to authorities say you don take di Coronavirus vaccine to immune yoursef against di virus.

Dr Urang add say di State also don receive di second dose of di Astra Zeneca vaccine

And dem also dey give out di vaccine but di second dose no come wit seal and dem don make request for am.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Health worker dey inject woman wit Covid-19 vaccine

"We dey hope say between Monday and Tuesday we go get di seals but we no wan stop di vaccination process.

"So we instruct our workers say make dem vaccinate pipo but make dem no release cards.

"But dem must mark wia dem vaccinate dem and take dia basic information wey we put for register.

Wen di seals dey available, we go get di information and fill di cards online."

Na wetin di heal official explain.

Na from 23 August, 2021 dem begin give di Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 afta di State receive 81,000 doses of di vaccine.

Dem also dey give Astrazeneca vaccine to pipo but give serious warning make pipo no mix di vaccine but wait to complete di vaccine.