R. Kelly abuse Aaliyah wen she dey 13 or 14 years- Witness tell court

R. Kelly 'abuse Aaliyah wen she dey 13 or 14 years'

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R. Kelly as e dey arrive for one court hearing for 2019

R. Kelly sexually abuse di late R&B singer Aaliyah wen she be 13 or 14 years old, one of im former backing dancers don tell court.

Di woman, wey testify under di name Angela, tok during R. Kelly trial say she don see di am perform one sex act on Aaliyah for one tour bus.

Di alleged incident happun one year before R. Kelly illegally marry di singer, wen she be 15.

R. Kelly wey be 54, denies all the charges against him.

Dey include one single count of racketeering - wey paints am as di kingpin of one criminal enterprise wey di explicit purpose na "to take advantage of young women and teenagers" for sexual purposes.

Dem also charge am with eight counts of violating one interstate anti-sex trafficking law.

Di singer, wey e full name na Robert Kelly, no dey charged with rape or assault, but prosecutors dey allowed to present evidence of potential crimes wey dey related to di racketeering charge, no mata wen dem happun.

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Aaliyah die in one plane crash for 2001

Angela testimony dey come on di 15th day of di trial, inside Brooklyn, New York.

She be di 10th accuser to take di stand, and tell one story of under-age sexual abuse wey many of di former witnesses don bin mention.

She say she begin to have sex with R. Kelly for 1991, wen she still dey for school.

Dem meet for one party for e house wen she dey about 15.

At one point, she tok say e invite her to one bedroom and "ask me to climb on top of am". She pause, but but tell di court say she eventually accept e demands and dem get intercourse.

R. Kelly later invite her to become part of her touring entourage. She alleged say R. Kelly often dey pressure those around am into having sex, and go punish those wey no follow im instructions.

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Drawing of di former dancer known as Angela wey court artist draw

Di incident with Aaliyah happun for 1992 or 1993, wen Angela and anoda young woman decided to play one prank on R. Kelly, she tell di court.

Afta pushing open di door to im bedroom, she tok say: "I see Robert and Aaliyah for sexual situation." She add: "I closed di door abruptly and push di girl behind me away from di door."

Di former dancer tok say she never mention di incident to R. Kelly again.

R. Kelly relationship with Aaliyah - e former trainee - don become focus of di trial.

Earlier witnesses testify say dem false documents so dat R. Kelly and Aaliyah go fit marry wen Aaliyah dey under age.

Angela, however, na di first pesin to tell jurors say she don see di two of dem dey engage in sexual acts.

Her testimony also make Aaliyah di youngest woman wey dem don accuse R. Kelly say e abuse.

Aaliyah wey later come out from R. Kelly shadow to become one successful recording artist for her own right, die for one plane crash for 2001.

Oda things wey happun for di Trial

On Monday also, one second male accuser testify against R. Kelly.

Using di stage name Alex, di witness remember how R. Kelly record am dey have "countless" sexual encounters with women, wey di R&B star dey often participate in.

Although dem first met wen e be 16, e tok say R. Kelly first pressure am into sex wen e be 20.

"I remember am talking to me, and then forcefully kissing me and licking my face," Alex testify.

R. Kelly tell Alex to "just be open-minded", e testy.

R. Kelly former assistant also testify on Monday, saying she no witness any of di abusive behaviour wey oda witnesses dey alleged.

However, Diana Copeland, wey work with di star for 15 years, paint one picture of di star controlling behaviour wey dey di same with earlier testimonies.

Di trial still continue.