Cervical cancer: New research show say HPV vaccine dey save di lives of thousands of women by nearly 90%


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Di human papillomavirus, (HPV) vaccine dey cut cases of cervical cancer by nearly 90%.

Dis informate na based on reaserch from on study.

Cancer Research UK bin describe di mata as "historic", as dem follow say e mean say di vaccine dey save lives.

Nearly all di cases of cervical cancer dey bicos of virus, so di hope be say vaccination go fit finish di disease pata-pata.

Di researchers say di success mean say, pipo wey dey vaccinated go fit need fewer cervical smear tests.

More dan 100 kontris don begin use di vaccine as part of World Health Organization (WHO) plan to end cervical cancer.

Di study, Lancet wey Lancet publish, torchlight wetin happun afta dem introduce di vaccine for girls for England for 2008.

E follow show say e dey reduce pre-cancerous growth plus reduce cervical cancer by 87%.

Overall, di study estimate say HPV programme don prevent about 450 cancers and 17,200 pre-cancers.

Wetin be Cervical cancer?

One tin to sabi be say Cervical cancer na di fourth most common cancer for women around di world, e dey kill more dan 300,000 each year.

Di cancer dey develops for inside woman cervix (di entrance to di uterus from di vagina).

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Almost all cervical cancer cases (99%) dey linked to infection wit high-risk human papillomaviruses (HPV) wey be very common virus wey dey transmit wen pipo kerewa.

Most of di infection wit HPV dey go by imsef and no go cause any symptoms, but constant infection fit cause cervical cancer for women.

Almost nine-out-of-10 deaths na for low and middle income kontris wia access to cervical cancer screening no too dey.

Di hope be say vaccination go get even bigger impact for dis kontris dan for richer ones like UK.

Wetin be HPV wey get hand for cervical cancer?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) na di most common viral infection for di reproductive tract. Most sexually active women and men go catch di infection for one point of dia life.

Pesin fit even catch am more dan once sef.

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HPV dey sexually transmitted, but e no need penetrative sex for transmission. Even skin-to-skin contact fit make am happen.

E get many types of HPV, and many no dey cause problems.

But small proportion of infections wit certain types of HPV get stubborn head and na dem dey lead to cervical cancer.