Keren Akphager alleged death from rape: How di mata don waka so far


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On Wednesday, 8, December 2021, pipo march go di national assembly for Nigeria capital Abuja to demand justice for 14-year-old Keren Happuch Akphager, a Senior Secondary School One (SSS1) boarding student of Premiere Academy Lugbe, Abuja wey die for June, 2021.

Di late Keren die around 2.25 am on Tuesday 22nd June, 2021 for Queen's Clinic, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja under circumstances wey her family and di public still dey react to nearly 6 months afta her death.

Mrs Vivien Vihimga Akpagher, wey be Keren mama joinbodi with Men Against Rape Foundation, as dem cari protest waka enta di National Assembly for Abuja, to demand justice for her pikin wey she allege say die untimely from complications from rape.

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Pipo dey protest against di alleged rape of Keren on 09/12/2021

Wetin happun to 14-year-old Keren?

Keren mama tell BBC Pidgin say Keren die of complications from rape, di mama also tok say di pesin wey rape her pikin also sodomise her (do anal sex wit her).

"On di 18th of June 2021 wey be Friday, my daughter call me say make I come pick her from school say she need medical attention.

She bin no happy say I allow di school pipo bring her, as I no come by myself as we plan initially. But wen we finish di treatment for her eyes and time don reach for Keren to go back to school, she begin dey cry dey ask me say "Mummy you want to leave me and allow me to go back wit dis pipo"? Keren mama tok as she recall wetin her pikin tell her.

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Keren be dey SSI for Premiere Academy Lugbe before her death

Mrs Akphager tok say di question surprise her say she ask Keren wetin be di problem, her daughter say nothing.

"Na one nurse and one teacher cari Keren come, so I ask Keren if she need money she say no quickly, di tin surprise me becos no be so my pikin dey behave, I come ask her why, Keren answer me say - No be dis same pipo wey dey shout for me dey ask me say abi na di first time? I ask her, first time of what? but she no explain, she just tok say na her eyes. I come ask her say na dis nurse wey dey wit you, she say no, na di oda one, di black ugly one for school."

Kere mama tori how she try to collect exit for her pikin from school afta dat conversation and how di school bin block her effort.

"Keren call again from di school phone, ask say weda I no dey come again? I reply say I come o, but di school pipo tell me to go back, na im Keren begin cry again. I ask her why she dey cry naim she tell me say, una no even know why I dey tell una say I wan come house, yet you dey go house without me, dat word pick my interest" she add.

Keren mama say she do evrytin afta dat conversation with her pikin and her pikin house mother wey tell her to come carry Keren as she dey in distress and bin dey cry. She allege say di school bin make am difficult for her to go carry Keren go house.

"Afta I don wait well well di Matron return my call, ask me say I wan still cari my daughter? I tok yes, she tell me say di principal dey prepare di exit for Keren, e reach one hour before Keren come out. As she come out, I notice say her hand dey for her face, she no gree look my face, I continue to ask her, wetin be di problem but she no tell me".

"Even wen we enta di car she no gree talk, she no eat through out dat day, I been tink say na ordinary vex she dey vex for me as I no do wetin she want. Di next day she improve small, but no be her normal self".

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How Keren take die

"On Sunday wey be June 20, 2021, Keren come tell me say she vomit, I ask her wetin happen, she tell me say she no know, say she no dey feel well. I tell her say on Monday I go cari her go hospital, na ontop my neck she sleep, around 4.30 am she say make I give her warm water, afta she drink di water finish I notice say she still dey hold on to di cup, I tell her say di water don finish, she keep di come down, come cari am again, na dat time e clear for my eye say my daughter dey in distress."

"As I wan wear her cloth she start to fight wit me dey tell me say make I no touch her, no touch me! No touch me! From dia I cari her go hospital straight, doctor see say she dey very weak, im give her drip." Keren mama tok.

Keren become worse for hospital wey make doctor get to run some more tests and check her.

"Becos she dey very weak and need support to urinate becos she no go fit move around, doctor put catheter for her vagina, as im dey put am, im see milky discharge, dem call my attention to am, dem clean am, as dem wan put am again, anoda milky lump come out, dem take her urine too to go test dem, but throughout dis time Keren no dey too conscious but she still dey fight to stay alive." Keren mama tok.

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Keren test result

Keren mama say result wey doctor bring of test dem do later show say, di milky discharge na condom and Spermatozoa wey don die na im dey inside her urine. Keren mama say: "Doctor tell me say wit di way wey she dey struggle she don go through plenti trauma."

Keren die on 22, June, 2021.

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Wetin di school tok

Premiere Academy Lugbe, Abuja tell BBC Pidgin say no be rape and complications of rape kill Keren, dem tok say Keren already dey diabetic wen she enta di school for 2019 - she enta as type one Diabetes Melitus student, she dey dependent on insulin, and na two times a day dem dey give her dat medication.

Di School Clinic Matron, Mrs Grace Salami say Keren na special student wey dem dey cook special food for becos of her medical condition.

She allege say as Keren go house dem fit don forget to give her her medication wey lead to rise for her blood sugar.

"Before she die, na only her be di student wey dey take special diet. We dey always monitor Keren blood sugar until June 19, 2021, but before dat day, Keren don come on di 17th to complain of red eye. Her left eye dey red, but na condition wey dey always happun to her sake of her diabetic condition".

She tell BBC Pidgin say apart from di red eye, dem release Keren to her mother in a stable condition.

She tok say true-true Keren mama call her to tell her say dem see decayed condom for inside her private part and di result of di test wey doctor do.

"If condom don stay a one place for long, na texture e go change, e no fit decay, and for dat kind condition dead spermatozoa no suppose dey dia again, sake of say e don dey for long, na becos of all dis tins I be wan see di doctor by myself, make im explain to me how e happun, but dem say e don close. I no dey comfortable wit di way dem manage di child, as dem no put her on oxygen and dem still sedate her. I request make we cari her go see specialist but di mama say she dey comfortable wit di hospital." She tok.

Wetin dey Keren autopsy report?

Police say di mata still dey under investigation and dem no go fit give press information for dis mata until dem conclude am.

Meanwhile di Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fampam Joseph, Head of Criminal Investigation Department, FCT Police Command bin tok about di autopsy reports for one phone interview wey im do with tori pipo AIT say:

"I want to officially inform you say we don receive di autopsy report, however, dis report in itself no dey conclusive of di police, sake of say na only di cause of death di autopsy report fit tell us, e no go fit tell us who rape Keren"

According to di AIT tori, DCP Fampam confam say dem actually rape Keren but dem no know who rape her, say dem go do DNA test and di command dey work on am. As we dey here now we don get di autopsy report wey show di cause of death, but we no know who rape her, wetin we dey wait for now, na funds wey go enable us cari out DNA tests.

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Screenshot from autopsy report

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Screenshot from autopsy report

Meanwhile di autopsy report wey BBC Pidgin take eye see from inside sources, show dem conduct di autopsy on July 7, 2021.

And di report show say:

Keren na known diabetic patient wey dey dependent on insulin.

She suddenly fall sick and dem diagnose her of severe hyperglycaemia.

Post mortem toxicology analysis show high sugar level for di vitreous humour, dis wan mean say di hyperglycaemia continue until she die despite di medical treatment wey dem dey give her during admission.

According to di report Keren die from high blood sugar.

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Pesin carry placard dey protest for justice for Keren

'Justice for Keren'

Meanwhile Keren mama say she want justice for her pikin and oda children.

"Na justice I want, so dat di family go get closure, di most important tin be say, I no want make dis tin repeat imsef, make e no happun to any Nigerian pikin, na position we no parent go wan stand inside, especially wen you know say oda pikin dem dey di school wey dey pass through dis kain tin.

No be only for girl pikin I dey tok o, becos outside being rape dem sodomise her too" Keren mama tok.

Lawyer to Mrs Vivien Akphager, Barrister Sani Izundu say dem dey wait for di investigate to complete before dem swing into action, say dem no wan pre-empt di investigation.

But di mata na suspected case of molestation and murder wey dem don already report to di FCT Police Command.

Di medical report wey confam say condom dey inside her dey wit di police already wit di autopsy report.

Mrs Akpagher say di Gender Department of di Police Force Headquarters dey handle di investigations now afta dem write petition against di FCT command, for alleged complicity.

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12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni death from alleged bullying for Dowen College for Lagos shock Nigeria

Rape, assault na serious mata for Nigeria

Recent happenings for di kontri don make pipo dey worry about di safety of school children.

Deborah Okezie for one viral Facebook video wey she share on December 2020 allege say dem molest her son, Don Davis for school and starve di boy too for Deeper Life boarding school for Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

For a recent post on December 3, 2021 she reveal say court don remand four pipo wey dey involved for di case.

Di recent death of 12-year-old boy Sylvester Oromoni of Dowen College boarding school, wey happun sake of alleged bullying na also one wey touch pipo all over di kontri. President Muhammadu Buhari don promise say pipo wey get hand for di mata no go go unpunished.

Cases of defilement and rape na also sometin wey dey make headlines again and again for Nigeria.

Police arrest Nollywood actor Olarewaju James alias Baba Ijesha for April 2021 ontop allegation say in sexually assault one 14 years old girl. Im dey face criminal charges wey include sexual assault, sexual assault by penetration, attempted rape and indecent treatment to pikin.

According to di Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, for 2017, dem report 2,279 cases of rape and indecent assault and 1,164 cases of "unnatural offences" (i'e anal sex) to di authorities.