One hand wood cutter in Kano: Kabiru Alhassan say ‘despite my one hand, my wife reject two hand pesin to marry me’

Wetin we call dis Video,

Kabiru Alhassan na one hand professional firewood cutter

Firewood cutter Kabiru Alhassan, wey im tori dey continue to amaze many pipo after BBC News Pidgin publish im video, tok how im wife reject pesin wey get two hands to marry am.

38 year old Kabiru wey dey stay Kano for northwest Nigeria add say up till dis day even afta 13 years of marriage she neva for one day look down on am because of im one hand.

"You no go believe say when I meet her she even get fiancé wey dem don do dia introduction and everything but as soon as I show interest, she pursue di oda guy even though e get two hands and na just one i get."

"Even up till dis day she neva for one day tok something wey go make me feel bad about my situation, I dey really appreciate her for dat."

Kabiru lose im one hand 22 years ago afta im and im friends climb tree as dem travel from Kano city go village, afta e fall down fracture im hand, im family carri am go meet traditional bone setter wey work on am.

"Weeks after di traditional bone setter work on di hand, wahala start as di hand begin rotten na so we rush go hospital wia doctor say na comot am remain as di hand don rotten finish, na so i lose my hand."

Kabiru say e dey make up to N1500 or N2000 on some days from wood cutting.

"Wood cutting like any oda business get good and bad days.

"E get days wey wood sellers and buyers go call you to break plenty woods for dem, dat day pesin fit get reach N2000

"While some days na very little go enter pocket."

Sani Munjibir na wood cutter wey sabi Kabiru for over 10 years and e tok of how KB as dem dey call am sabi work wella despite say na one hand e get.

"At first we dey surprise how e take dey do am but later we come dey use to am, di kain work wey im dey do even many two hand pipo no go fit do am, e sabi wella."

"E sabi break very difficult woods like Marke wey bakeries dey use to fire up dia ovens, so I appreciate KB wella."

Anoda thing be say di one hand wood cutter say e no dey drink or take anything for energy.

"I neva for one day take anything for energy, na just from God. After evriday work, I go just go house bath and rest to continue di next day.

Kabiru wey dey take care of im aged mother as well as im family tell BBC News Pidgin say if e go get helep e fit move to anoda trade wey no go dey suffer im remaining hand.

But for now e no get any oda option than to continue wood cutting.