Abuja gas explosion: How six pikin dem from one family burn for fire incident for Gwagwalada

Six pipo die for gas explosion for Abuja

"Di last born wey dey two years don die, she no fit survive, odas dey for critical condition, I just dey hope say dem survive "

Dis na wetin Hassan Salihu broda in-law to di family wey six of dia pikin dem burn for gas explosion, for Venus Street, Uncompleted Building, Dagiri, Gwagwalada Area Council, Abuja.

Hassan tell BBC Pidgin say na on Saturday morning around past 11 a.m for morning na im di incident happun.

How e Happun

Madam Comfort Ojo wey dey dia korokoro wen e hapun narrate to BBC Pidgin say, if to say she no follow her mind wey tell her to comot for di shop wey she go to buy somtin, she for burn too.

"I dey for my shop dey sell fish, di boy for di last shop dey sell gas and e dey refill gas for one customer wey come buy, na im e notice say di customer cylinder dey leak, e come dey transfer di gas from di leaking cylinder to anoda one.

As im bend down, me I dey waka from my shop to go di next shop to buy oil wey I go use fry di fish wey I dey sell, di boy no know say fire dey di oda shop, na im my mind begin tell me say, go back to your shop becos I forget di container wey I wan use buy oil.

So my spirit tell me say go back to your shop, I neva waka go far sef, na im I hear gbummmm! na so me and evribodi begin dey run, before we know di second cylinder don blow, jump go enta di shop wey di neighbour children dey cook na im fire start to catch"

Di Casualties

Broda in-law to di family, Hassan Salihu tok say immediately im see di fire im run enta inside di shop to save di last born wey dey sleep, rush her go hospital but she no survive, she too small na only two years she be.

"Na my wife sister shop di fire burn, I run enta inside di fire to save di last born, na almost six of dem dey inside, di last born I save from di fire no survive, she die for midnight.

One girl wey come di shop to buy pure water no survive too, so na almost eight pipo wey di fire burn, two of dem don die, while odas dey critical condition for Gwagwalada Specialist hospital, and one hospital wey dey nearby," e explain.

BBC Pidgin find out say di mama of di six children been go market and she leave her phone for house while dia papa wey be Carpenter go work.

Out of di six, five of dem from di same mama and papa, one na dia family broda wey dey live with dem, di children na around 13, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 2 years wey dem be.

Hanetu Moses, mama of anoda 12 year old boy wey burn for di gas explosion dey beg for support as she tok as her pikin take enta di fire accident.

"I send my pikin to go grind tomatoes for me, I hear pipo dey shout fire! fire!! I ask for wia, dem say na wia my son go grind, na God know why e happun, wetin I dey pray be say make im recover, make goment come help us becos we dey critical condition." She tok.

Oda losses

Three shops wey dey near each oda burn to ashes.

Eyewitnesses explain say di owner of di gas shop wey cause fire don already escape but im go back to di shop to go cari money wey im keep inside na im di fire burn am from im waist to im leg, dem say im follow for di pipo wey dey critical condition for hospital.

Gas explosion for Nigeria

Wia dis foto come from, LASEMA

Gas explosion mata no dey new for Nigeria, especially with di damages di tin dey cause.

Some of di recent gas explosion fire happun for Mushin, Lagos inside November 2021 wey authorities say kill three pipo but eyewitnesses say na five pipo die.

For September 2020, one LP gas tank fire happun for Iju-Ishaga Area for Lagos, e injure 30 pipo wit different kind of wound dem.

Di tank wey cari gas bin dey try to offload before e explode.

E destroy buildings, vehicles and oda tins.

Abuja wey be Nigeria capital don see gas explosion fire too.

For October 2018, 11 pipo na im wound as gas explode for one restaurant, for February di same year, three pipo die afta gas explode for Zubairu, for Gwagwalada Area Council.

Afta di Lagos incident for November, Nigeria Senate tok say dem go probe di gas explosion, to find out wetin cause am.