Blind generator repairer: 'My plan na to teach young boys' - Abdullahi Ahmed

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Abdullahi Ahmed: Meet 'Tato' di blind generator repairer wey dey ginger pipo

Abdullahi Ahmed wey pipo sabi as 'Tato' na blind generator repairer.

Im goal na to get beta capital to open workshop to dey teach young boys how to repair generators.

Tori of how Tato begin repair generators despite im blindness na one wey dey continue to surprise and ginger pipo across Karkasara area of Kano state for north west Nigeria, wey im dey stay.

'Na my elder brother Danbaba influence me'

According to Tato, im brother Danbaba na im be di generator repairer for dia family and na im epp am develop im skills.

"My broda Danbaba na im sabi repair generator and we always dey together. I dey follow am go buy generator materials like piston, plugs and rings and e dey always teach me."

"Like play like play, one day e no dey and I try repair one and e work and na from dia na im I continue."

"If by God's grace I get capital to upgrade by opening workshop I go like to dey teach young boys how to repair generators." E tell BBC Pidgin.

At di moment na front of im house Tato dey use do im work.

"Pipo for dis area trust my work and na dem be my customers if to say I no dey do beta job, dem no go dey bring generators come my side." Tato yan BBC Pidgin.

E also add say e dey make like N1500-N2000 every single day depending on how many generators e repair in a day.

Sani Abu na neighbour of di generator repairer for over 30 years and e say e dey confident of good repairs anytime e bring im generator come meet Tato.

"I dey happy with im work na why I dey bring my generator anytime e get problem come meet am and also as a neighbour, Tato na pesin wey dey live with everybody peacefully."

None of Tato eight children get any sign of im condition and e tok say na wetin dey sweet am for belle hearing say all of dem dey fine.

"Despite say I neva see any of dem or my wife but I know say all of dem dey fine and na wetin dey make me very happy, all of dem dey in good condition and no get any medical condition."

Love for video games and cinema

Even before Tato become blind, apart from farming, di oda tins wey im dey passionate about na video games and cinema.

E tell BBC Pidgin say e bin start video game service for im house long before generator repair.

"So children go come my house, pay small amount to play video game, I dey enjoy am too because anytin wey go make pipo happy I like am."

"Den in di night, for front of my house wey I dey show film, pipo go come pay small money to watch Hausa or American movie."

Big dreams for im kids

All of Tato children apart from di smallest one all dey attend school and e say e wan dem to achieve big tins for life.

"My prayer na for dem to achieve big and beta tins, all of dem dey attend school and dia future dey very bright."