North Korea: Kim Jong-un Dey Go-Slow To Fire Guam

North Korea get serious tension with America Image copyright AFP
Image example North Korea get serious tension with America

Leader for North Korea don press brake on top im plan to shoot missile towards Guam, as he dey watch wetin America wan do; na State media for North Korea talk this one.

This na the first time wey President Kim Jong-un don show face im face within two weeks, as im dey inspect North Korea army.

President Jong-un say: "If dem Americans continue to dey show demself for Korean pennisula and dey test our country patience, we go make important decision."

The fact say North Korea dey want put hand near Guam dey pain USA, because America see the area as their own, and dem don use heavy money arrange many things inside Guam.

Wetin dey for Guam?

•Na US Overseas Territory

•Population na 163,000

•US Air force base dey

•E get US Naval base

•6,000 military people dey work there

The plans wey North Korea dey do for Guam don already cause palava between the country and America.

Na North Korea warning say dem go shoot missile reach Guam, make US President Donald Trump replay am say their army dey "locked and loaded" if North Korea no act with sense. Wetin President Trump mean be say America fit go fire their own missile.

As all this one dey happen, South Korea President Moon Jae-in don still put mouth inside the matter. Im talk say military action for the region no fit happen without im approval and him no go allow war happen at all-at all

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