Steve Bannon don resign from Trump government

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Image example Steve Bannon don waka

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon don waka.

A statement wey White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders release, confirm say Friday na the last day wey Bannon go work for White House.

''White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon don gree say today go be Steve last day for the job. We dey grateful for im service and we wish am all the best," na so di statement talk am.

Dis one dey come after some people don talk say White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, dey chook eye for inside Mr Bannon position and role.

Mr Bannon na the brain behind the popular Donald Trump talk, ''America First'' during im election campaign and im also be right-wing nationalist wey bi people wey fight for the right of White people for America.

Dis na why some people talk say im way no pure. Dem say im fit dey support the anti-semitic and white nationalist people for inside America.

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Image example People dey think Bannon dey powerful for White House before, before

Na Mr Trump first start rumour when im say ''We'll see'' after tori people ask am last week about wetin go happen to Mr Bannon for White House.

Tori be say President Trump vex for one interview wey Mr Bannon do this week with American Prospect magazine.

For inside the interview, Mr. Bannon boast say im fit sack State Department workers. Im also talk something wey dey different from wetin Mr. Trump don talk on top North Korea nuclear matter.

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