Tori from around di world 21 August

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Image example US Rapper, Jay-Z get two children with singer Beyonce

Beyonce sister, na my sister

Superstar JAY-Z don tell BBC say things dey "cool" between im and Solange Knowles, sister to im wife Beyonce, after dem fight inside elevator during the 2014 Met Gala.

The video dat year show Solange dey try kick plus hit JAY-Z in front of Beyonce, before bodyguard carry Solange comot JAY-Z body.

"I don fight my brothers and sisters for dis life. Solange na like my sister. I go protect her," na wetin JAY-Z talk.

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Image example Mr Lavrov dey popular for im sharp mouth; e dey here with China President Xi Jinping

Russia no go follow 'bad example' from US

Russian Foreign minister wey be Sergei Lavrov don respond to US decision to suspend applications for US visas in Russia until September.

Mr Lavrov says im need to study the matter well-well, but "Russia nor go use her anger face America people. If person think say we go follow their bad example, dem don miscalculate."

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Image example Afghanistan get areas wey dey do virginity test for girls

Stop dat test

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) don send message to the Afghan government, make dem stop to dey do virginity test for women.

Dem say these tests where dem dey check if hymen dey intact, fit spoil the mind of women, plus e be like sexual abuse.

Activists say women wey dem dey do this test for dey always face shame from the society. Police never respond to wetin di AIHRC talk.

Run-run for Taiwan

Taiwan don comot pass 5,000 people from two Islands, as Tropical Storm Hato dey blow come southern Taiwan. Most of dem na tourists wey come do holiday.

Local media say fourteen boats return 3,592 people from Green Island and 12 boat bring 1,519 people from Orchid Island to Taitung County.

Nepal election

Nepal government don announce say general elections go hold on November 26, 2017. The government suppose finish all election matter by January next year.

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