India: Supreme Court ban instant divorce

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Image example India Supreme court don ban instant divorce

Supreme Court for India don rule say from now on, e dey illegal to do instant divorce wey dem dey call talaq.

For di ruling wey see di five judges divide 3-2, the Supreme court say make di people wey dey make law look this custom.

India na one of the few countries where a Muslim man fit divorce im wife because im talk talaq (divorce) three times.

The decision wey be one in town come after some people file petition to talk say the "triple talaq" custom no suppose dey.

The people wey bring this particular case come court na, two women wey dem husband use this custom take drive them comot and two human right groups.

Three judges talk say the custom dey "unislamic, arbitrary and unconstitutional." The court say make the parliament look into this matter.

"Muslim women for India don suffer no be small for the the last 70 years. This na big day for us, but the battle fit no stop here. I no fit tell you how Indian women stand full ground for our backs, forget say religion," dis na wetin Zakia Soman, wey dey fight for women rights, and dey come from Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, one of the organisations wey dey fight against the triple talaq practice, tell reporters.

Although Indians don dey do this practice for long people wey sabi talk say that kind divorce no dey for Sharia and e no dey inside Koran.

People wey don study Islam don talk say the way Koran talk say make people take divorce na to spread am for up to three months so that the couple fit look the relationship well well to see if them fit reconcile.

Activists don talk say dem don comot triple talaq for many Muslim countries but the custom still dey full ground for India.

Recently, Muslim men dey use phone call, text message, Whatsapp, even Skype sef to take divorce their wives with the method. Na im make these women them dey carry the matter for chest say them no go gree enter court

As of now, India no get one set of laws wey dey for marriage and divorce wey dey for everybody for every citizen.

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