South Africa: Why $15m Rhino horn dey for sale

Rhinoceros Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Rhinoceros dey among animals wey remain small for di world

Di first online auction where people go buy rhinoceros (rhinos) dem horns dey hold for South Africa from today, till Friday, August 25.

Na im be say people go enter Internet, put money to buy di animal horn and di person wey put di highest money go be di owner.

BBC tori person, Nomsa Maseko carry dis tori as e dey happen from Johannesburg inside South Africa.

Di matter don cause serious fight from people wey like animals. Conservationists say to dey sell Rhinos for dia horn no good. Dem even talk say if dis kain thing continue, people go dey hunt rhinos anyhow.

Sabi people don do research wey show say rhino mothers wey dem remove their horn, nor fit defend their pickin from attack by other animals.

Di person wey dey organise the online auction, John Hume get pass 1500 rhinos for im farm wey dey Johannesburg and im dey plan to sell hundreds of di horn before Friday afternoon.

For Sunday, di High Court for Pretoria give Mr Hume permit to carry go, sell 264 pieces of rhino horn wey weigh 500 kilograms together.

If im really sell all di pieces , tori be say di sale fit reach or even pass $15m, based on how dem dey price am for auction.

Di way dem go do di auction be say, na only people wey dey South Africa fit buy. But people don say dis auction go make people continue to buy di animal horn for black market, and e go reduce the number of rhinos wey dey for world.

Why people dey buy rhino horn?

Pelham Jones, chairman of the Private Rhino Owners Association, don talk say dis auction fit see buyers wey get Asian roots, but dem dey live for South Africa.

  • Rhino horn dey cost. Price for black market dey between $30,000 to $60,000 per kilo - dis one pass black market price for gold, or cocaine.
  • Most people wey dey buy am, come from Asia; dem believe say di thing fit cure cancer.
  • For Asia, dem dey sell rhino horn as powder.
  • Some people for Vietnam dey take am as medicine wey dey make person get power for sex.