Why dem dey call Hurricane human being name

Plenty people don dey try find safe place as Hurricane Harvey scatter Texas for US Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Plenty people don dey try find safe place as Hurricane Harvey scatter Texas for US

Di biggest storm wey United States of America never see for 13 years don land for Texas.

Dis Hurricane Harvey don scatter plenty houses and tori say e even don kill five people.

Hurricane Matthew wey bin happen for 2016 kill plenty people and scatter house join wen e happen.

Harvey and Mattew na human being name, so how hurricane dey take get dia name sef? In short, why dem dey give hurricane name at all?

Why dem dey name hurricane?

Hurricane na type of storm wey get plenty-plenty rain plus strong wind. Sometimes sef thunder go follow join.

Meteorologists wey dey research weather matter think say if dem give hurricane name, people go fit remember am well-well and e go help people wen dem dey talk about am.

Image copyright NASA
Image example Hurricane Harvey na di biggest storm wey don happen for US in 13 years

Dis name wey dem dey give hurricane na based on list wey dem don arrange before each hurricane season start. US National Hurricane Centre start dis one since 1950.

As e be so, na di World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) dey arrange all di name wey dem dey give hurricane.

Wen storm go first start in a year, dem go give am name wey dey start with A and e go continue like that.

Before-before, na only woman name dem dey use till 1979 wen dem con add man name.

Dem dey shuffle di list of names, so di name wey dem dey use for 2017, dem go repeat am for 2023.

List of 2017 Hurricane name

  • Arlene
  • Bret
  • Cindy
  • Don
  • Emily
  • Franklin
  • Gert
  • Harvey
  • Irma
  • Jose
  • Katia
  • Lee
  • Maria
  • Nate
  • Ophelia
  • Philippe
  • Rina
  • Sean
  • Tammy
  • Vince
  • Whitney