Macron say na poverty dey make Africans come Europe

President Emmanuel Macron become President of France for May 2017 Image copyright AFP
Image example President Emmanuel Macron become President of France for May 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron don announce plans to stop migration across di Mediterranean.

Dis one na after meeting between African and European leaders for Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron talk for Tuesday say poverty na di main thing wey dey make plenty Africans dey move go Europe. Him drag ear say development of Sahel region dey very important.

Dis one na di centre of di talk-talk wey France hold with leaders from Niger, Chad and Libya plus other leaders from Europe.

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As he dey discuss plan to arrange as things go be between Africa, di Mediterranean and Europe, Mr Macron say "Africa na continent of di future - we no fit leave am like dat."

Inside dis year, like 125,000 migrants cross Mediterranean sea for dangerous journey and 2,000 die for water.

Some of di 90,000 migrants wey reach Italy dey run comot for violence wey dey happen for Libya.

Mr Macron say "Italy and Libya dey expect something from us and we must help dem".

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President Macron popularity rating don dey drop for im home country of France

For di talk, he talk say France go get special representative wey go arrange as migration dey happen.

As e be so, Mr Macron dey talk to European Union (EU) make dem start new centres for people wey wan migrate from Chad and Niger.

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Image example Dem dey smuggle some people wey dey run comot from fight-fight from dia country

Di plan na to control as people dey look for asylum and as wayo people like smugglers dey use migrant head put dem inside palava.

Di new centres go put eye on top who true-true need asylum.