Houston Flood: 'Things don hard for us here'- Africans

After five days, Hurricane Harvey still dey scatter ground as im don cause two explosions at a chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, forty kilometres north of Houston.

Before di explosion happen, one police officer wey dey secure di site collapse after im smell chemical.

Di wahala with that plant begin when heavy rain make di plant no fit cool itself again.

Dis one dey happen even as di flood don move go anoda city wey bi Louisiana.

Texas get plenty African population, and many of dem dey affected by di flood.

Dozie na part of di people wey share him experience as di storm don affect Houston and now, Loiusiana. Im talk to BBC News Pidgin.

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Nigerians in Houston

Hurricane Harvey don enter Louisiana

Di tropical storm don pack plenty water flood houses for Louisiana.

Louisiana dey share border with Texas wey Hurricane Harvey don already pass for Houston.

Hurricane Harvey don land for Texas

How Hurricane dey get name

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Image example Hurricane Harvey don comot plenty people from where dem dey stay and work

Di rain wey don fall don dey pass all di rain wey don fall before.

Louisiana na di state with di tallest building for di US.

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