Azerbaijan 'operate secret illegal £3bn account'

President Ilham Aliyev Image copyright BENJAMIN CREMEL
Image example Proof dey say President Ilham Aliyev family one kind get connection to di secret account

One investigation don reveal say di ruling class for Azerbaijan operate one secret illegal account of $2.8bn (£2.2bn) for two years.

Dis account, dem use am bribe European politicians, businessmen, journalists and squander am on expensive things.

Up till now, President Aliyev and di Azerbaijani government never say anything on top di mata.

E be like say dem move di money through four wayo companies for United Kingdom.

People wey enjoy di money include European politicians wey dey do things wey go favour di government.

But e possible say di people wey dis money touch no-no where di money come from.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Azerbaijan na oil producing country

Di code name for dis secret account na 'Azerbaijan Laundromart' and e still dey active till 2014 according to one association for European newspapers wey investigate di mata.

Di association come publish di tori dem see inside di Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

Where di money come from still dey unclear according to di report but plenty proof dey ground wey show say di family of President Ilham Aliyev get hand for di mata.

During di time dis operation dey active, sabi people dey accuse Azerbaijan wey get oil, of corruption, vote-rigging and plenty abuse.

Azerbaijan prison full with opposition politicians, human rights activists and journalists.

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