Japan: 'North Korea no get bright future'

North Korea BBC Pidgin Image copyright AFP
Image example World leaders say North Korea leader Kim Jong-un refuse to listen to wetin dem talk, say nuclear weapon no be something wey countries suppose fire anyhow

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe say if North Korea continue to dey fire-fire nuclear missile anyhow, then their future no bright at all.

Na for Tokyo, this morning, Mr Abe dey talk im own dey go.

Im say e want make North Korea understand say dem must begin change their policies.

Mr Abe still tell tori people say im go discuss di matter well-well with Russia President Vladimir Putin and South Korea own President wey be Moon Jae In, when three of dem meet for Vladivostok, Russia.

Dis meetings dem go happen separately.

Meanwhile, President Moon don already enter Vladivostok; im say North Korea way don dey provoke and complicate things between di two countries.

Im tell dis one to President Putin as di two of dem dey meet for one economic summit.

World leaders don dey worry about how North Korea test their biggest nuclear bomb on Sunday September 3.

US say Kim Jong-un dey beg for war

Countries for Europe don dey look how dem go fit sanction North Korea, while South Korea sef begin test their own weapon di next day, while Japan don dey plan how dem go remove all their citizen wey dey North Korea, in case war begin happen true-true.

Tori people say na all dis one make President Moon say di situation fit dey unpredictable if North Korea no stop wetin dem dey do, quick-quick.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori