New Lassa fever drug don land! But... di way still far

Rats wey dey cause Lassa fever Image copyright Matthieu Aubry
Image example Rats wey dey cause Lassa fever plenty for West Africa

People wey sabi say, dem don find new drug wey fit protect people wey get Lassa fever for West Africa.

Na medicine virologists for Tulane University School, USA say di new drug fit stop di disease to dey increase for body.

Di research use anti-bodies from people wey don survive Lassa fever take do medicine wey dem say dey hundred percent effective to protect person wey already get am.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control say, from December reach now, 19 states for Nigeria don report cases of Lassa fever.

Dem don get reach like 263 cases. Out of am 249 of dem dey confirmed and dey get record say 85 people die.

Since 14 years now Tulane University don dey research Lassa fever for West Africa.

Even as dis one be better news, public health physician, Dr Ifeanyi Nsofor, say di process for di medicine to reach people for West Africa still dey long.

Di medicine no go reach west Africa until World Health Organisation and other people wey dia work na to control drugs check say, di wahala wey e fit cause people wey go use am no go pass di sickness wey e suppose cure.

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Image example Vendor for Kano, Nigeria dey sell rat poison. But rat poison no enough to prevent Lassa fever.

How people fit help demself?

As di way still far for di medicine to finally reach di people wey need am, Dr Nsofor say di best thing na for people to check how dem dey live their life.

Di main thing wey make Lassa fever still dey Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone na di way wey people dey handle their food and water.

With clean environment to prevent rats from staying for di area and better way to store food so dat rat no go follow you play on top di food, people go fit prevent dem selves from lassa fever.

Also, plenty people no dey quick go hospital because dem no get money, or di hospital too far.

Hospitals too no get di equipments and enough sabi people wey fit understand say na Lassa fever, no be malaria dey worry dia patients.

Dr Nsofor say, before University of Tulane discover dis breakthrough, medicine don dey wey fit help patients of Lassa fever. But di wahala be say di medicine no dey available for hospitals.

As di process to get Lassa fever medicine wey West Africans fit afford dey road, clean environment and better food storage na di sure way out.